Rehab & Clinic Results

Trevor’s Pass Through

Trevor came in for some help with a shoulder issue that he has been having for the past couple of months.  Overhead movements were causing him some discomfort and pain.  A PVC Pass Through was a movement he identified as being impossible for him to do without 8-10/10 pain.

The top left pic showed his range of motion in an overhead position from the front view, and the bottom left pic showed where he was stuck in the pass through and experiencing a lot of pain.  After just a couple of drills, the pics in the middle show some pretty awesome progress with his range of motion over head and in the pass through.  After another drill, the top and bottom pictures on the right show a full range of motion had been achieved!  Trevor did a full pass through in one session… and the best part was he had no pain at all doing it!  My favorite highlight was when he looked over at me smiling and slightly confused and said “did that just happen?”.

Raquel came to us with Chronic knee pain, and shoulder pain. The pics on the Left were taken after one session and the pic on the Right is more recent after some sessions at our clinic. See her story below!

Raquel’s Story

I am so impressed with the results I have had with your physio and neuro treatments and just wanted to say thanks!!!

I was dealing with knee pain and sought the help of various professionals but found they were only able to get me so far. I was no longer able to squat below 90, wore knee sleeves for support during all WODs (sometimes even during the day) and dreaded getting up and down off  the ground as it was a painful process physically and mentally. I had come to accept that this was the age and stage I was at and that I should just accept it.

Much to my surprise I have found this is not the case and have had incredible results working with Chris!!!! After only a couple of sessions I found myself spontaneously squatting to pick up my socks off the floor without even realizing I had done it! This was something I had not attempted in months and was shocked that I had no pain and that it felt so natural.

I have also been seeing an osteopath for treatments for a few months and she was surprised to find that there was no tightness or tenderness in my knee from one month to the next after I started the neuro drills!

I continue to see results and am learning how to incorporate the simple drills into my daily routine to instantly eliminate aches and pains when they arise. It is hard to understand how it works but there is no denying it does! I have come to realize the power of the mind body connection. Thanks again for sharing your expertise and for all your encouragement and support.


Bryce had some back issues for several months and after a session with Coach Chris V his results were pretty impressive! Pic on Left shows where Bryce started to experience pain. Top Right Pic was his end range of motion where he was experiencing 8/10 pain. Bottom Right Pic was at the end of the session where Bryce had no more pain… and he also claimed to never have been able to touch below his toes before! See his story and experience in his own words below…

Bryce’s Experience

“So about 7 months ago I was working out in my Kincardine garage hard and heavy doing CrossFit training. Pushing myself harder than I ever had in the past. I was doing a heavy deadlift and on the first rep I felt a big pop in my lower back. At first it didn’t hurt, it just felt like I had lost all strength in my back. That was until the next day and week thereafter I could hardly move and was in intense pain. After that I gave it about a month of not lifting anything with my back.

With my back still sore and stiff, I went to my doctor. She sent me to a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist told me to stop all working out for the time being. He gave me massages and stretches which loosened my back up quite a bit but it never got completely better. I could always bend and find the certain postures that my back didn’t like, and my mobility was still fairly challenged. He said that was the best he could get me and said that I would have back problems the rest of my life probably.

Chris and Ed at CrossFit Waterloo had taken this Neuorology Rehab program and Chris told me to give him half an hour of my time so I figured why not. The movements and stretches he had me do didn’t seem like much and weren’t the usual painful stretches I have been putting myself through. When I showed up that day when I bent over at all I could feel pain, and I could only reach down and touch half way down my shins with my hands. Limiting factor being my lower back tightness/pain. When we were done after the half hour I could no longer find a spot that my back hurt in, and when I bent over I could now touch the bottom of my feet. Limiting factor was my hamstring tightness now. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to bend over that far. Pretty impressive stuff.”

– Bryce