“I retired 7 months ago and was looking for a way to get back into working out. I wanted to be able to return to a level of fitness that I had achieved in the past but had lost because I just had given up working out over the past few years. I knew this was going to be tough especially because I’m now that much older (66 years old). I also knew that working out by myself at a gym wasn’t going to work well for me. I had tried that and just found it so difficult to maintain motivation.

My daughter told me about the Functions class at CrossFit Waterloo – a specialized class for individuals either recovering from injuries or just disadvantaged by the aging process. Turns out this was the perfect reboot for me. The coaches, Chris, Eddie or Steve, provided me with personalized coaching around body mechanics and technique for both the strength skills with weights and aerobic exercise. The Functions classes are challenging yet doable.

I gained the ability and confidence to start doing the regular CrossFit classes after a few months and now I participate 3 times a week. I don’t have to keep up with the younger folks, nor do I have to do exactly the same exercises. The coaches are always able to suggest an alternative that will still challenge me.”