Personal Training

Personal Training may be a great option for you if…

You have some limitations from past or current injuries or illnesses. This also applies if you have any range of motion issues. Many times people come into our facility with previous injuries and restrictions that they feel are stopping them from working out and reaching their fitness goals. In several instances over the years we have helped people recover from these issues and further to that reach levels of fitness they never imagined possible. If you are suffering from anything we will work around your limitations and also take steps forward to making a recovery as we still continue to do so on a regular basis.

If you are intimidated by our class structure. We will tell you right away that we have people of all ages and fitness levels participating in our classes and our coaches will work hard to ensure everyone feels comfortable with the exercises. However if you still feel a little hesitant or intimidated Personal Training may be a good start point for you.

If you have a very specific fitness goal. Our program is designed to achieve ultimate fitness levels. However, if you only want to work on one specific component of fitness such as building strength in one area of your body, or to work on your ability to run, or perform at a specific sport, then Personal Training might be a good option.

If you have already been CrossFitting for some time and have some specific movements that you would like to improve on you can certainly book some sessions with one of our experts. For example if you would like to improve your Olympic Lifts or Gymnastics skills we have the right coaches for the job.

If you have Range of Motion, or Mobility issues. If you are constantly struggling with your flexibility it may be holding you back on your strength gains and on to of that it may start causing some joint pain. Our coaches will be able to assess what areas are the main concern and we can create and execute a plan to take the steps necessary to correct the issues.