Services & Pricing

We offer different rates and services depending on the program that is best suited for you. CrossFit classes are our main focus and most common attraction; however, we offer a Functions class for those of you who feel like you are too out of shape, or have too many joint or mobility issues to join a regular CrossFit class. We also offer 1-on- 1 personal training sessions, personalized nutrition assessments with meal plans, and offsite training. Your membership options depend on your personal goals which we can discuss (and in some cases, help you determine) in person on your first visit.

New to CrossFit? Before you purchase any packages, you must complete three elements classes. For more information, see Getting Started.

CrossFit Classes

Life is unpredictable and often requires a broad range of physical demands. CrossFit prepares the body for not just one specific task, but trains the body to be able to adapt to any situation. To find out more about what CrossFit is, see our About page, and check out Why CFW? to see what sets CrossFit Waterloo apart.

The following rates are for individuals. A 10% discount is available for families, EMS personnel, and students.

Unlimited classes

All 1-year or 6-month terms can be paid in one lump sum, or on a monthly basis.

1 month $145 + tax Buy now
3 months $412.50 + tax Buy now
6 months (pre-paid) $780 + tax Buy now
6 months (monthly) $130/month + tax See us in person to sign up for a monthly contract.
1 year (pre-paid) $1380 + tax Buy now
1 year (monthly) $115/month + tax See us in person to sign up for a monthly contract.

Individual classes or packs

Single Class Pass $20/class + tax Buy now
10-Session Pack $150 + tax Buy now


If you are dropping in from another CrossFit we would love to have you! Please email us ahead of time if possible and let us know what day in class you would like to attend. Drop-in is only available to members from other CrossFit gyms or CrossFit L1 trainers. If you don’t get a chance to email us just try to be here 15 minutes early and we will get you signed up!

Functions Classes

If you do not think you can do CrossFit, think you’re too old, too overweight, or too <insert limitation here> this is the class for you! Contact us to learn more!

Functions Classes have been designed to take things beyond our introductory Elements program and encourage anyone with severe mobility, weight, and other issues to improve their quality of life. This is done using simple and every day movements that are the foundation of CrossFit. We custom tailor this class to you based on what you’re able to accomplish in your current capacity. We only change the complexity when we’re certain you’re ready and capable of it.

Personal Training

Personal training may be a great option for you if…

You have some limitations from past or current injuries or illnesses. Often people come into our facility with previous injuries and restrictions that they feel are stopping them from working out and reaching their fitness goals. In several instances over the years we have helped people recover from these issues and reach levels of fitness they never imagined possible. We’ll work around your limitations and help you move forward in your recovery.

If you are intimidated by our class structure. We have people of all ages and fitness levels participating in our classes and our coaches work hard to ensure everyone feels comfortable with the exercises. However, if you still feel a little hesitant or intimidated, personal training may be a good starting point for you.

If you have a very specific fitness goal. Our program is designed to achieve ultimate fitness levels. However, if you only want to work on one specific component of fitness, such as building strength in one area of your body, working on your ability to run, or achieving optimal performance at a specific sport, then personal training might be a good option.

If you have already been CrossFitting for some time and have specific movements that you would like to improve on, you can certainly book some sessions with one of our experts. For example, if you would like to improve your Olympic lifts or gymnastics skills, we have the right coaches for the job.

If you have range of motion or mobility issues. If you are constantly struggling with your flexibility, it may be holding back your strength gains and on top of that, it may start causing some joint pain. Our coaches will be able to assess what areas are the main concern and then we can create and execute a plan to correct those issues.

Personal training rates vary based on your needs and the coach that is best-suited for you. Contact Us today!

Nutritional Consulting

Our nutritional consultations are done by Coach Chris. Every program is tailored to your specific needs and goals. With proper fuel, not only will you see weight loss or gains (depending on your goals!) but you will also have more energy, sleep better, and be more resistant to inflammation and disease.

Nutritional consulting rates will vary based on your needs. We’ve included some sample packages below, but please contact us to come up with something that works for you.

One-time personalized meal plan $135 (tax included)
6-week 1-on-1 consulting program $400 + tax
10-week 1-on-1 consulting program $600 + tax

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit, it is totally CrossFit!

CrossFit Kids combines gymnastics, body-weight calisthenics, and weightlifting elements to develop capacity across the 10 General Physical Skills (cardio vascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy) – CrossFit Inc.

Programming for kids is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of skill our background. In our programming both load and intensity can be scaled to suite the individual but we don’t change programming, this is the beauty of CrossFit.

CrossFit Kids Is Fun!

Both children and teens will have a great opportunity to maximize and enhance their physical skills while being engaged and entertained in a FUN atmosphere, all while learning proper movement mechanics.

Our CrossFit Kids program will pair both fitness and fun. Our goal is to create a lifelong love of health and fitness for our children and teens, helping them to feel encouraged to choose a healthy lifestyle on their own.

A healthy living requires that our kids push, pull, run, throw, climb, lift, jump, effectively and safely regardless of whether or not they play athletics. We encourage any child or teen with or without an athletic background to join the Sport of Fitness!

For more information email Jorge at to find out when the next CrossFit Kids session starts.