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Let’s Go Linda!!

In case you haven’t heard yet, CFW’s Linda Majstorovic is competing this Friday in a Muay Thai match. She has been working her butt off for the past few months at our gym, her fight club, and with her diet and her results have been pretty impressive.  Linda is definitely ready to go… and we think the other girl won’t know what hit her! The fight takes place in Cambridge and doors open at 6pm, with the matches scheduled to start at 7pm. Tickets are $30, and are available at the gym. Let’s all cheer her on and support a good cause. Good luck Linda!!

1) STRENGTH & SKILL (20 min)

Note: Find your tempo and increase accordingly each set based on your technique. Avoid finding a 15 RM.

2) WOD
15 Ring Pushups
600ft Run (3 laps)

Rest 1 min

ME One-Arm Alt. DB Cluster (50/35)

3) AP
30 D-ball Flips


Brain push-ups, Ring push-ups… Same thing

Assault Bikes and WB’s… Christmas Already?

Bryce had some back issues for several months and after a session with Coach Chris V his results were pretty impressive! Pic on Left shows where Bryce started to experience pain. Top Right Pic was his end range of motion where he was experiencing 8/10 pain. Bottom Right Pic was at the end of the session where Bryce had no more pain… and he also claimed to never have been able to touch below his toes before! See his story and experience in his own words below…

1) STRENGTH & SKILL (20-25 min)
Back Squat

*Work at 50-55% for all sets. This is our deload week and so take this time to really focus on technique with a light load.

2) WOD (15 min)
For Time
21-15-9 Assault Bike Calories
42-30-18 Wallballs (20/14)

3) AP
10 min of Ring Muscle-up Practice


Bryce’s Experience

“So about 7 months ago I was working out in my Kincardine garage hard and heavy doing CrossFit training. Pushing myself harder than I ever had in the past. I was doing a heavy deadlift and on the first rep I felt a big pop in my lower back. At first it didn’t hurt, it just felt like I had lost all strength in my back. That was until the next day and week thereafter I could hardly move and was in intense pain. After that I gave it about a month of not lifting anything with my back.

With my back still sore and stiff, I went to my doctor. She sent me to a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist told me to stop all working out for the time being. He gave me massages and stretches which loosened my back up quite a bit but it never got completely better. I could always bend and find the certain postures that my back didn’t like, and my mobility was still fairly challenged. He said that was the best he could get me and said that I would have back problems the rest of my life probably.

Chris and Ed at CrossFit Waterloo had taken this Neuorology Rehab program and Chris told me to give him half an hour of my time so I figured why not. The movements and stretches he had me do didn’t seem like much and weren’t the usual painful stretches I have been putting myself through. When I showed up that day when I bent over at all I could feel pain, and I could only reach down and touch half way down my shins with my hands. Limiting factor being my lower back tightness/pain. When we were done after the half hour I could no longer find a spot that my back hurt in, and when I bent over I could now touch the bottom of my feet. Limiting factor was my hamstring tightness now. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to bend over that far. Pretty impressive stuff.”

– Bryce

Bryce was one of our first pre clinic launch clients months ago.  We got rid of the pain first, and then we were able to focus on the core issues that led to his back pain by stretching, strengthening, and properly moving the appropriate areas… pain free.

If you all have any questions about our clinic or want some more info just email us or talk to Eddie or Myself for more info!

Coach Chris V


Week 1 Scores: Click here

Last years CFW OPEN 17.1 scores click here

Week 2 Scores: Click here

Week 3 Scores: Click here

Week 4 Scores:

Team Leaderboard: Click here

Note: All leaderboards are live and will be updated weekly


If you are interested in helping out in the event whether it be the full day or partially, let us know by filling out the form listed above. We appreciate all the help!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year CrossFit Waterloo Community!

Thank you to everyone for making 2017 another great year and the support that came during all the changes. We are looking forward to the New Year ahead in 2018 as the momentum will carry over into this year as well!

There are a few changes happening at our gym. As you may have noticed, CFW installed a scan station that is set up at the front desk of Crunch Fitness. Most of you have already received a CFW scan card. For those of you who have not, please ask one of the coaches before or after your next class and they will provide you with one. With the scanner up and running we want to clear up some issues that we have seen since the scanner was installed. Don’t confuse the scanner that is at the Coaches desk as that is not the scanner to sign in. That scanner is used for Coaches when setting up a new tag/membership. It is important that each member signs up for a class before arriving to the gym. This will ensure that there are no issues when scanning in because you must be registered for a class before scanning in. Also, please note that there is no longer a sign up window for registering for classes, therefore you can sign up for a class any time before the class occurs. Crunch Fitness has played around with a magnetic door and they are working on having the door on a magnetic lock. The door will only unlock if the member is signed into the class. This is why it is important to start signing into your class prior and then scan upon entry. As there is no sign up window you can sign into a class from your mobile in the parking lot and then scan into the class.

You may have also seen that Open Gym sessions have been added to the schedule. Open Gym is a great way to complete extra work, work on specific movements or work on movements assigned by the physio therapist assistants. We recommend Open Gym to those members who are confident in their movements and are attending 3 or more regular classes each week. Please note that you must sign up online for Open Gym sessions as well and if you are planning on attending an Open Gym session, you must come during the allotted time slots for Open Gym.

If you have any issues with scanning in, please email Mike at . We know that issues may arise during the transition period of switching to self-sign/scanning and we thank you in advance for your patience.

Thank you and we’ll see you around the gym!

CrossFit Team

Trevor’s Clinic Results Are In!

Hey CFW Community,

As many of you know, we have successfully launched our in-house rehabilitation clinic just over a month ago now… and we have been having some amazing results!  We will be showing you guys some progress pics as the weeks go on but for now here is one example.

Trevor came in for some help with a shoulder issue that he has been having for the past couple of months.  Overhead movements were causing him some discomfort and pain.  A PVC Pass Through was a movement he identified as being impossible for him to do without 8-10/10 pain.

The top left pic showed his range of motion in an overhead position from the front view, and the bottom left pic showed where he was stuck in the pass through and experiencing a lot of pain.  After just a couple of drills, the pics in the middle show some pretty awesome progress with his range of motion over head and in the pass through.  After another drill, the top and bottom pictures on the right show a full range of motion had been achieved!  Trevor did a full pass through in one session… and the best part was he had no pain at all doing it!  My favorite highlight was when he looked over at me smiling and slightly confused and said “did that just happen?”.

For more information or to find out how to get started email us at or just find Coach Eddie or me (Chris) and ask us in person!  We still have some spots open this Friday from 2-5pm if you are interested in a free 30 minute assessment.

Thanks and Happy Moving!

Chris V


***CFW Games Reminder***


Hello CFW Community,

I don’t know about you guys but I am getting pumped up for the 2018 CFW Open! I just want to send out a quick reminder that the CFW Open will start on Wednesday, January 10th.

For 4 weeks, 1 workout will be announced every Wednesday. The workout will be structured into Wednesdays programming which will allow you to complete the workout during the class. Both Rx and Scaled workouts will be available for you to complete. Once you have completed the workout, a submission link will be provided on the WOD posting for that day.

***You will have until Saturday at 11:00 pm of that week to submit your score***

Workouts can be completed anytime between Wednesday and Saturday by 11:00 pm.

So far we have 4 teams already made and signed up!. Individuals we are looking for YOU! The fee for registration will be $20 (Including tax). This fee will include both your registration for both CFW Open and the CFW Games. You are not required to pay an extra fee for registering a team. As long as every team member is registered your team is eligible to compete at the CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018.

Remember your team will consist of 6 team members (3 males, 3 females). Your scores as a 6-person team will be accumulated during the CFW Open and ranked among other teams. For the CrossFit Waterloo Games only 4 members (2 males, 2 females) will be able to compete at the CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018. The 2 other members will then be able to compete as individuals at the CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018. At the CFW Games you will be completing workouts as a team but for the CFW Open you will be completing workouts individually.

Team Registration Form:

To register please see one of your coaches at the front desk or sign-up on MindBody from your computer.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email myself ( or Coach Yash ( Also, refer to our previous blogs for more information by clicking here

Thank you

Coach Steve

Barbell Club: 1 Rep Max Day

Barbell Club- 1 Rep Max Day

Thursday January 4th 6:45-8pm approx.

*First lifter will start at 7pm*


This 1 RM day is going to be ran a little different than the way it was previously done; more similarly done like an actual weightlifting meet. Please remember that these 1 RM attempts will be judged based upon actual weightlifting standards for the lifts

***IF any attempts taken by anyone start to look sloppy/out or drastically out of control, for safety concerns you will not be able to take attempts at a higher weight***

-Each person will have 4 attempts “on the platform” for their Snatch and Clean and Jerk
– One person will be lifting at a time
– There will be a designated “warm-up” space towards the back (near the rowers), the taped platform will be closer to the turf.
– Each of you will be responsible to warm yourselves up for the snatch and clean and jerk (If you need any assistance on “how to”, please ask me)

Prior to Thursday please think about what your opening attempts will be (snatch and clean and jerk) and have it ready to be written on an “attempt card” that I will be giving each of you. I will need everyone’s first attempt promptly at 6:45pm (or sooner if your earlier to warm-up) I will need this to determine who will go first. We will have all the ladies go first, followed by the men. So we’re not alternating between loading a men’s and women’s bar at the same time.

Snatch Standards
– fully locked out elbows, no press-outs.
– fully finished movement by complete extension on knees and hips when standing up to finish the movement before dropping the bar.

Clean and Jerk Standards

– squat clean or power clean permitted
– power jerk or split jerk permitted
– no press of elbows out on jerk
-feet need to come together in a line and lifter must be motionless before the judge signals that the bar can be safety dropped.

Standards for both lifts
-lifter cannot drop the bar until the judge signals them to do so

-Coach Amber


Hello CFW Nutrition Challenge goers and CFW Community,

With a whopping 171lbs lost in total, I would just like to say that you guys KILLED it!! Congratulations to everyone who participated. As this was my first time helping coach Chris Vranes with the nutrition challenge I am super happy and pumped with everyone’s results. I have learned so much with all the questions everyone has had, and very much look forward to answering anymore you may have in the future.

I know I know, get to the winners and the prizes…but first, I just want to talk about each group. Group A had a well rounded focus that included sleep, exercise, and following a strict Paleo diet as their primary focus on nutrition. The sleep goal was set for about 7-8hrs each night and the fitness goal of attending a minimum of 3 CFW programmed classes was also put into place. This group has seen amazing results and has mentioned how easy it is to consistently follow a Paleo “diet”. Congratulations Group A!

Group B, better known as “Macro counters”, is the group that was looking to fine tune their already “clean” ways of eating, sleeping, and exercise. This group was required to put in a little bit more work when it came to meal prepping by weighing and measuring everything they ate. They also focused on getting better sleep and were put up to the challenge of completely blacking out their rooms to optimize their sleep. Their minimum requirement for the fitness aspect was to attend CFW programmed classes at least 5 days of the week. This group may not have seen such big changes as group A, but their performance and figures show inside and out of CFW. Great job guys, I know its a lot of work but you NAILED it!


Okay Okay, so here are the big winners for each group.

Group A: Denny Droumtsekas with a weight loss of  13 lbs 2 inches in the waist and 2 inches in the hips.

Group B: Benjamin Ouellette with a weight loss of 12 lbs. And Ill just let the pictures speak for themselves.









The Winner of each group will be receiving prizes of these Amazing sponsors…



Amanda has made it her passion and job to create No sugar & Low sugar treats. I have tried her amazing treats and believe me they are tasty!

Check out her website for her amazing products. Also Facebook and Instagram – TinyToadCreations.


Thank you to John and Cathy Gerger aka (Ma and Pa) for donating Kitchener Rangers tickets. Make sure to say thank you when you see them crushing it in the Functions class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.




Thank you to Alison Linde and Borealis for hooking us up with a pretty sweet 3-course date night dinner for two. Give a good look at their website and i’ll guarantee you’ll be hangry.





Thank you to Tammy Bindseil and Alexandria Professionals for offering a Body Sugaring for the big winners. So winners with your new you, make sure you hit up Tammy to finish of your temple. haha!



Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 Nutrition Challenge. Remember to continue to Eat, Sleep and Exercise to optimize your health and wellness. Its not a Challenge its a lifestyle!


Coach Steve



CrossFit Waterloo Games Registration

CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018 Registration,

Here’s a quick rundown on how to register for CrossFit Waterloo Games / Open Competition:

Option 1: Register remotely through your MindBody account (Computer)

  1. Sign-in to MindBody and click the “Events/Competitions” Tab
  2. Click on “Sign Up Now!”, and proceed to “Enroll”
  3. Click on “Check out”. Order total will be $20.00
  4. Enter your billing information and or gift card code. Once you place the order you will be registered for the CrossFit Waterloo Games / Open Competition

Option 2: Speak to one of your coaches at CrossFit Waterloo


What does the registration cover? Do I need to pay for a team separately?

Registering for the CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018 will allow you to compete in the CrossFit Waterloo Open. The fee will also cover the CrossFit Waterloo Games if you or your team qualifies. You do not have pay for a team. Each athlete pays individually.

Team composition and team scoring?

If you create a team, your score will count both towards your team’s overall score and as well as your own individual score. At the end of the 4-week competition you will either have the decision of competing individual or with your team depending on qualifications.

Teams consist of 6 members (3 males and 3 females). Teams can be a mix of Rx and Scaled athletes. Only 4 members will be allowed to compete as a team at the CrossFit Waterloo Games. This gives the option of 2 other members competing individual at the CrossFit Waterloo Games.

The team registration link will allow you create your team. All members must be registered by January 10th.

Team registration isn’t mandatory, you can still compete individually.

Team Registration Link:

***Registration Due Date: January 10th, 2018***


If you have more questions feel free to contact me at the gym or at my email:


I will frequently update this blog if more questions arise. Please refer to this blog and as well as the initial blog for information on CrossFit Waterloo Games / Open Competition.

Refer to the previous blog for more information by clicking here



CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018

CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018!

CFW Community,

The CrossFit Waterloo Games are back! Last year was a success with over 40 participants competing in the CrossFit Waterloo Open. The Open competition featured 4 weeks of competition with one workout announced weekly for participants to complete during class. At the end of the 4 weeks, the top 6 males and females from each division were invited to compete at the CrossFit Waterloo Games 2017. The Games brought out the best of the best to reveal the fittest in the CrossFit Waterloo community.


Here’s a rundown of how this years upcoming 2-staged competition will be structured:

Stage 1: CrossFit Waterloo Open 2018 (January 10th – February 3rd)

The CrossFit Waterloo Open will start on Wednesday, January 10th. For 4 weeks, 1 workout will be announced every Wednesday. The workout will be structured into Wednesdays programming which will allow you to complete the workout during the class.

Each workout will have both an Rx and Scaled version you can complete. The new change with this years competition is that we will allow you to complete workouts either Rx or Scaled. For example, you can complete 3 of the 4 workouts Rx and 1 of them can be completed Scaled. The only requirement is that you follow either Rx or Scaled workouts for the CrossFit Waterloo Open competition. Custom scalings will not be accepted for valid score submissions.

Once you have completed the workout, a submission link will be provided on the WOD posting for that day. ***You will have until Saturday at 11:00 pm of that week to submit your score***. Workouts can be completed anytime between Wednesday and Saturday. Workout submissions later than Saturday at 11:00 pm will not be accepted. Even you if you submit at 11:01 pm.

Here’s a breakdown of the minimum requirements for each division. If you are still unsure if meet the requirements for any of divisions speak to Yashar or Steve.

Rx Division:

Clean & Jerk (155/105)

Snatch (115/85)

HSPU or S2OH (155/105)

Deadlifts (225/155)

Pull-ups (No bands or jumping pull-ups)



Scaled Division:

Ground to Overhead – Any style (95/65)

Box Jump (20/16)

Wall balls (16/10)

Jumping Pull-ups (Head starting 6” below the bar)

Single skips

More details regarding submissions and workout details will be announced the day of the first CrossFit Waterloo Open workout. Again, if you have any questions feel free to email or chat with Yashar or Steve.


Stage 2: CrossFit Waterloo Games (Saturday, February 10th)

Mark your calendars! The CrossFit Waterloo Games will be a one day event consisting of multiple individual and team workouts. The following athletes after the first stage of competition will be invited to the CrossFit Waterloo Games:

Rx – Top 6 Males and Top 6 Females

Scaled – Top 6 Males and Top 6 Females

Teams – TBA

Scores from the CrossFit Waterloo Open will be accumulated based on the placings in each workout and the top individuals and teams will be invited to compete at the CrossFit Waterloo Games. Notice this competition will require you to compete in one division either Rx / Scaled / Teams.

After the opens are complete the top 12 males and top 12 females will compete at the Games. Placings from 1st – 6th will compete in the Rx division. Placings from 7th – 12th will then compete in the Scaled division.

Teams! We’re excited about this change as it will bring more excitement to this year’s competition. Each team will consist of 6 members (3 males and 3 females) being Rx, Scaled or a mix of both. Here’s the catch, only 4 members will be allowed to compete in the CrossFit Waterloo Games. This will allow 1 male and 1 female to compete individually at the Games while still allowing the rest of team to compete if they qualify. This also allows for more people to participate at the Games. You will have until CrossFit Waterloo Open registration deadline (January 10th) to create your team of 6.

Team scores will be organized similarly to the individual scoring system. A teams score will be the combined total of every members score in each CrossFit Waterloo Open workouts (Details regarding scoring will be listed in each workout posting).

Why should you sign-up?

Take the CrossFit Waterloo Open and Games competition as a chance to have a blast competing with the community and seeing where you stand amongst your peers. Your goal may be just to compete against your friends, or see what the Open will be like, or maybe you are looking to win the CrossFit Waterloo Games!  Either way you’ll be one step closer to becoming a better overall athlete. Both your strengths and weaknesses will be exposed during the CFW Open and this will give you motivation to improve and train for next year to become better than you were this year.  Even if you’re not competitive, registering will be a great way of getting the CFW community more motivated and closer together!

Since the Open is just around the corner, the CFW Open becomes a great test run for those of you who have been competing in the Open in past. If you are still undecided or have no idea about signing up for the 2017 CrossFit Open this year, the CFW Open is a great step to take to join in on the tradition and see if it’s something you would be interested in.

Any prizes for all this exercise…?

Last year we were able to collect a range of prizes from companies such as Gorila Fitness, Caffeine and Kilos, Workt.. And many more! Expect to see even more prizes this year round! On top of this we will be installing our plaque soon from last years winners and soon to include this year’s winners. The following athletes will have their names engraved on the CrossFit Waterloo Games plaque:

Top 3 Rx Males

Top 3 Rx Females

Top 3 Scaled Males

Top 3 Scaled Females

Top Team overall

Important Dates:

CFW Opens Week 1 – January 10-13th

CFW Opens Week 2 – January 17-20th

CFW Opens Week 3 – January 24-27th

CFW Opens Week 4 – January 31st – February 3rd

CFW Games – Saturday, February 10th (Day event)

*Deadline for submission each week will be every Saturday by 11:00 pm

***How to register***

More details will follow this week on how to register for the CFW Games. The fee for registration will be $20 (Including tax). This will include both your registration for the CFW Open and the Games. To register please see one of your coaches at the front desk.

More details on the CFW Open and Games will be coming up in later blogs. You will have until January 10th (Release of the 1st CFW Open Workout) to register and create your 6-person team.

Team Registration Form:

Note: All members must pay the registration fee to compete

If you have any questions please free to contact myself or Steve.

We hope to see you all competing in the 2nd year of the CrossFit Waterloo Open and Games competition!




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