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  • 18.5 Open WOD for All
    18.5 Open WOD for All
      Hello CrossFit Waterloo Community! The CrossFit Games Opens are sadly coming to an end. This is a great time of year with a lot of emotions for many. There has not been any shortage of Personal best moments for many and the excitement has been shared...
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  • 18.5 After parTAY!
    18.5 After parTAY!
      Hello Crossfit Waterloo Community, Well what can I say, week one of the Reebok Crossfit Open was an awesome success! The community came together and it was an amazing atmosphere!! I can’t tell you enough how proud I am to see everyone giving everything they have...
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  • Catherine is Open Ready... Are you?!
    Catherine is Open Ready… Are you?!
    For those that have not met Catherine… meet Catherine. If you are on the fence about the Opens or getting started here are a few words from her that may help you! “I retired 7 months ago and was looking for a way to get back into...
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  • It's almost here!
    It’s almost here!
    It’s that time of year again where the community comes together for CrossFit Open! The CrossFit Open is a world wide competition where anyone of any skill level can compete. Whether it’s your first time doing the Open or if you been competing year after year,  everyone...
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  • CFW OPEN 2018 Results!
    CFW OPEN 2018 Results!
    -CFW OPEN Details- The 2018 CFW Open is sadly over! But, don’t worry next weekend it’s about to get exciting. Before we get to that I would like to thank the CrossFit Waterloo community for making the past 4 weeks such a blast! ***Important: Before you open...
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