Getting Started

At CrossFit Waterloo, our program is designed to suit anyone, no matter what type of background you have in fitness. Even if you are a professional athlete or have no experience with exercise at all, our program will help you improve your fitness level.

Everyone starts with three Elements classes before joining our regular classes. During these classes we spend time discussing and demonstrating proper form for the basic movements. This is done for your safety, and also to educate anyone that comes into our establishment on the importance of developing proper movement technique. We’ll explain what CrossFit Waterloo is all about, why our program works so well, and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Once we teach you how to safely and efficiently go through the basic movements, we end each class with a great workout to test these skills. All Elements classes are 60 minutes long.

Your first class is free, so you have nothing to lose if you’re on the fence!

To book a class, have a look at our schedule to see when our Elements classes run, and then email us to let us know what day and time you were thinking of attending. It’s best to book your classes in advance – some movements build on movements that you learn in a previous class, so it’s important to make sure that the right movement is being taught at the class that you’re attending.

For your first class, wear comfortable gym clothes and bring a water bottle.

First Elements class Free!
Elements package
(Two final Elements classes + one regular CrossFit class)
$75 + tax

Once you complete your three Elements classes, it’s time to apply your new knowledge and work hard towards the results you have always wanted! You will start coming to the regular CrossFit Waterloo classes to start pushing your own limits to grow physically and mentally each session. Rates for our regular classes are available under the Services & Pricing tab above.

What if none of the Elements classes work with my schedule?
If the Elements class times conflict with your schedule, and you wish to come at a more convenient time, you can purchase 2 personal training sessions where we will take you through all of the basic movements, 1-on-1. You can email us to set up these sessions.

2 Personal training sessions $160 + tax