“Is CrossFit Waterloo right for me?”

If you are looking for ideal results, this is the right place for you. It is our goal at CrossFit Waterloo to make you look, feel, and perform your best. We want to keep your body fully functional and ready for anything! This means we aim to balance and improve your ability in all areas of The Physical Skills (strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, etc.) as well as achieve a balance within your physical body to keep your joints safe and posture proper. Our workouts are individually tailored to meet your needs regardless of age, gender, current fitness levels, or even physical limitations you may have. It is very difficult to explain the details of our program briefly as there are so many reasons why/how it works, but to see what makes us than other fitness programs click here.

If you want to know if CrossFit Waterloo is right for you we feel this question is best answered when you take our Free Introductory Elements Class. In this Elements Class we will address your questions and fill you in on more of the details on how our CrossFit program achieves such great results. Click HERE for more details and information on the Elements Classes and how to get started.

Here are some other common FAQ’s we get from people that are interested in trying our program:

“I am really out of shape is CrossFit Waterloo too intense for me?”

If you are out of shape, our program is the solution. Getting our members into the best shape possible is our specialty and our goal. Every single day you come into CrossFit Waterloo the workout will be tailored and scaled by a knowledgeable coach to suit your needs specifically based on your skill level and capabilities. Your intensity will only be dictated by you! You can move as fast or slow as you like, and lift as much or as little as you like, as long as you are moving safely and efficiently. Proper movement is the main focus of our program to start, and once you achieve that you can increase your intensity as you like.

People sometimes ask if they should start running or lifting weights on their own for a while to prepare for our program before they start. To achieve optimal fitness we must not only target our cardio or strength, but we must focus on both along with some of the other physical skills such as flexibility and balance and several others. Our program is designed to achieve this balance. Further to this we will teach you proper techniques and training volume to ensure your safety while doing these things. If you start exercising on your own to prepare for our program we feel this is not only potentially dangerous, but may be time wasted as you could have been further along the path to success!

“I am getting bored of the gym and find my results have hit a plateau. How is CrossFit Waterloo different?”

Ever since we have opened our doors in 2009, many people have joined (and stayed) CrossFit Waterloo for these exact reasons! Sometimes exercise routines get boring… and not only do these routines get boring, but they also stop producing results. If you are spending a few hours a week engaging in exercises that aren’t noticeably working for you, doesn’t it seem crazy and demotivating to keep on doing it? Above all, getting results is the best form of motivation in our opinion.

At CrossFit Waterloo we change our routine every day! That’s right, every time you come in for a workout the routine will be different so you never know what to expect. On top of that there is such a broad range of skills and movements that we teach that makes CrossFit impossible to master. For that reason there is always a challenge and always room for improvement, so the results keep on coming. Another huge benefit is being surrounded by a positive community of workout partners in every class that are all willing to work hard together to achieve great results together. Our community feeds off of encouraging each other to grow and learn together and that helps everyone go out of their comfort zone to do what they never thought they could.

“I hear this form of exercise is dangerous, what are the risks?”

With any exercise program or sport there is some risk. However, every time you come in for a class we have a trained professional coach watching all of your movements, and it is our number one priority to ensure you are moving safely and efficiently. This is why we have small class sizes to ensure everyone gets the attention they need to avoid injury. By training at CrossFit Waterloo we aim to improve your range of motion (flexibility), increase bone density, plus build balance and strengthen your muscle structure to keep your joints safe. All of these things help your body to be more resilient to and heal faster from accidental injuries that can happen any day outside of the gym. It’s unsafe to avoid CrossFit Waterloo!

“What if I can’t do certain movements because I have a past injury, chronic pain, or a limited range of motion in my joints?”

Can you stand up and sit down? Can you pick up an object from the floor? Can you grab a plate from the top cupboard? If you answered yes to these questions then you are capable of all the basic functional movements we have to offer. At CrossFit Waterloo our coaches are highly knowledgeable and will scale any workout to work for you. If you have any restrictions what so ever, we will modify the movements and workouts to suit your capabilities. In most cases we will try to work towards restoring full function back in your body by working on your flexibility, strength, and body composition. Loss of bodily function eventually results in permanent residence in an old age home so restoring function is kind of a big deal.

“How often do I need to come to work out to get in shape?”

It depends on the person, your athletic background, and what your goals are. However to just get in shape, three times a week along with proper rest and nutrition would be a great start point for anyone.

“Rest and nutrition?”

We offer nutritional packages and have a ton of proven results, experience, and knowledge when it comes to fueling our bodies. We can generalize what to eat and what not to, however everyone is different and we try to work to find what is right for you to sustain over the long term as this is a lifelong commitment to continually improve our health and habits. Commonly people talk about diet and exercise and often times they make this random and irrational 80/20 or 70/30 or 63/37 split of Diet versus exercise. Diet and exercise are two separate categories, and to make your health ideal you will need to work on both. Also what you do to recover from training, everyday life, and stress is just as important. This brings us our third and equally important category… Rest… and don’t you dare start telling your friends its 50/25/25!

“I have no experience with lifting weights (or any athletic background), and don’t want to get bulky. Will I get bulky at CrossFit Waterloo?”

Not at all! People with no lifting or athletic background haven’t developed some of the bad habits that come along with different forms of exercise. This can actually help you because the first time you learn these things with us you will receive proper detailed instruction. Moving weights is a part of the program, but there are many different areas of the program that do not involve lifting weights. Getting bulky hasn’t ever been an issue for any of our members and certainly cannot happen overnight. If your main goal is to gain muscle, that is something we can certainly help you with, however, by following our general program that will not happen.