So what IS CrossFit?   A long standing belief among athletes and coaches is that fitness needs to be sports specific to raise the level of performance but this could not be further from the truth.  By training for just one of the ten physical skills, strength for instance, the athlete gives up the natural balance needed to excel.

A football player may be able to lift a bus, but if he does not have the stamina or agility to move himself across the field quickly that strength is wasted.  Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, MMA; every sport requires the same balance of the ten general physical skills in order for an athlete to succeed.  CrossFit does not focus solely on one area of fitness and instead focuses on all to become an over all better athlete or have all the health gains you are looking to achieve. Who Can Benefit From CrossFit? Anyone can benefit from CrossFit, from the highest caliber athlete to the grandparent who has not exercised in years.  Just because we offer elite fitness does not mean we are elitist about who can benefit.

At its very core CrossFit is designed for universal scalability, the principle that any person who truly desires can take part regardless of experience.  That means in any single class clients can range from the physically elite to the client who has not exercised in five years, and the best part is that they are working out together at the same time, putting in the same perceived effort, and finishing together with the same sense of accomplishment.   Still don’t believe?  Watch the video below about how CrossFit is used with paraplegics, bilateral, and quad-amputees so that they can compete at the same elite level as anyone else.

What is CrossFit not? CrossFit is not a bodybuilding system.  We do not do bicep curls or calf raises.  We do not lift any weight with the sole intention of inflating our muscles, though it is a nice side effect if it happens.  There is no bodybuilding inside a Box.  In fact most CrossFitters are well built but very lean.  We seek quality muscle not quantity.  If you are looking to be a gigantic monster of a human being, this is not for you.  In reality clients tend to lose a lot of weight and any ‘excess’ muscle.