Daily archive for April 13, 2018

And Dave Durante is coming to CFW!!!!!!


Hello CFW Community,
There has been a lot of talk about Power Monkey Fitness coming to CFW. If you haven’t been able to find the post with all the information, your in luck, it is right HERE. Simply click on any of the RED words in the post to take you directly to the sign up page. If you would like to look into Power Monkey Fitness for yourself you can go to there website here. We hope that you all take a good look, this is an amazing opportunity to get some hands on training with 2 outstanding and well decorated athletes.

Handstand Walking

2) WOD (25 min) – For Time
10 Handstand Walking Steps
75 Double-unders
50ft One-arm OH DB Walking Lunge

20 Handstand Walking Steps
150 Double-unders
100ft One-arm OH DB Walking Lunge

30 Handstand Walking Steps
300 Double-unders
200ft One-arm OH DB Walking Lunge

DB (50/35) or KB (24/16)

Rx – Handstand Walking
Scaled – Handstand Hold (30 sec, 45 sec, 60 sec)

Note: For the one-arm walking lunges switch direction and arm thats overhead every 25ft. Complete your overhead walking lunges on black mats and your handstand walk or hold on the turf.

2) AP
Hollow Rocks
Superman Rocks