2018 Summer Programming Notes

2018 Summer Programming Notes

Hello CFW Community!

Below you will find the programming notes for the daily workouts over the next 8 weeks starting April 16th (Next week). We will be giving all of you an idea of what specific skills we will be working on in the next few months. We want you to understand the purpose of the daily programming to help you mentally prepare yourself before you even get to our gym. Knowing the purpose of each day will help you set your goals for the next few months of the fall programming.

Programming Structure


Strength Skill – Start off Monday right with Squats! For our first cycle (8-weeks) of the training season we will be focusing on Front Squats. Main goal of this cycle will be to focus on positioning in our squat with tempo and pause squats in various positions. We will start off with a basic 5×5 Front Squat test then use the next 6-7 weeks to strengthen positions and mechanics before retesting.

WOD –  Monday workouts will include short burners through low skill movements (Eg. Burpees, Box Jumps, KBS…). A great start to the week with a fun and simple metcon!

AP: Heavy Sled Pushing / Pulling


Gymnastics Strength (Upper Body & Midline) –  With the beginning of the new training season it’s a great time to work on building our gymnastics strength. During this time we will not only be working on our pushing and pulling strength but as well as developing a strong core. Building a strong midline translates to a lot of other movements in CrossFit such as weightlifting. Tuesday is a great day to work on strengthening your upper body and as well as getting a wicked pump!

WOD – Nothing fancy, just expect to see some more gymnastics and other sweat inducing movements!

AP – Gymnastic Skill

Barbell Class – 6:45 PM

Whiteboard Wednesday:

WOD – Wednesday will be the “Classic” CrossFit day, where you will see a variety of workouts such as AMRAPs, Chippers or Hero and Benchmark workouts. Continuing the “Whiteboard Wednesday” trend, we encourage all of you to post your scores whether the workout was scaled or performed rx. We don’t typically stress writing your scores down on the whiteboard on a day to day basis… we do however want your results posted in your own journals for your own reference, accountability, and growth.  Keep in mind we want you all moving safely first, then focusing on intensity after…Although sometimes ‘we just wanna go fast or heavy’ , it’s in our competitive nature.  It’s fun, pushes us to a new level, and tests us in different and great ways when done properly.

AP – Single Modality Training


Strength Skill – Thursday will be another day to work on pressing and developing stability overhead. Both barbell and dumbbell variations will be trained induce as much variability while focusing the control of the movement. Similar to Monday’s front squat the intent will be establish a strong foundation of pressing overhead before moving onto the next overhead progressions.

WOD – Weightlifting will be the main focus of Thursday workouts. With these workouts you will learn how to efficiently move a barbell and or dumbbell during a workout. If you’re working on building a better understanding of cycling a barbell or dumbbell, Thursday workouts will be a great opportunity to learn and be exposed to weightlifting style workouts.

AP – Gymnastic Skill

Barbell Class – 6:45 PM


Single Modality Training – Get your heart pumping with single modality training. Every 2 weeks to expect to see different training modalities such as sprinting, rowing and even assault biking! This is a great time to brush up on pacing strategies. With these intervals you’ll be able to establish an idea on how to pace and move efficiently in future workouts.  

WOD – 2nd WOD? Friday’s will end off with a classic CrossFit style WOD, whether it be a triplet, couplet, AMRAP or for time. Expect to see a combination of conditioning combined with gymnastics paired together to leave you on floor making sweat angels.  

AP – Midline

Saturday Class:

Class – On a Saturday with the infamous Drill Sergeant Nik, you can expect to sweat.  A good vibe day at the box that could involve a long challenging WOD! It’s a great combination of hard work and fun that will surely help you go into the weekend and enjoy that cheat meal you deserve!

Saturday Competitors Class 10:45 AM

Class Structure – The atmosphere in this class is one of its best features and this class is a very easy way to find motivation! During this class expect to see both olympic lifts / skills and a workout or two in a 90 minute time frame. This class is perfect for taking your training to the next level by surrounding yourself with competitors of various skill levels. With that said, being a “competitive exerciser” requires experience . Make classes a priority! Learn the basics first and master them through classes, and then use the competitor’s class to help progress your fitness even further!

Competitors Programming

Competitors Programming is available to all our members who are looking to take their training to the next step. The programming provides more training in all categories such as weightlifting, single modality training, metcons etc. We recommend you have a baseline understanding of all movements performed in CrossFit and are attending classes 5 days / week before starting the competitors programming. If you are looking to take your training to next level or have any questions regarding the competitors programming please contact Coach Yash (yash@crossfitwaterloo.com).


“Cash-in Cash-out” – Sunday partner workouts are a great way to wrap up your training for the week. The workouts are fun and are always tied in with a twist to constantly keep you sweating! Start your Sunday morning off right with a workout to keep you active and energized throughout the rest of day. Sunday’s will start off with a fun interval style workout. Interval sprinting, sled pushing, and even the infamous assault bike! And no these aren’t the only movements we will be working on… there’s more to come! Finally to end off the Sunday training, a classic Metcon will be programmed to leave you in a pool of sweat once more.

AP – Gymnastic Skill

Barbell Class – 9:30 AM


Overall, our program is designed to be varied to keep your body guessing. Just because it is varied, doesn’t mean we can’t routinely plan some aspects to specifically improve on certain skills with a structured process. With that being said we push for growth and development and so if you have a glaring weakness, work on it… consistently! To help organize and structure your game plan to reach your goals, you should all TRACK RESULTS, WORKOUTS, and YOUR NUMBERS in a journal if you want to maximize the time you spend at the gym.

Coach Yash


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