Jerk Time


Speaking of “Jerk Time”… check out Heidi’s amazing before/after results and her CFW experience written out below! JK about the Jerk thing Heidi, you know we ALL love you here at CFW!!

Every 30 sec for complete (20 reps):
1 Power Clean & Jerk

Level 1 – Push-Press
Level 2 – Push Jerk
Level 3 – Split Jerk

Note: Choose a medium-heavy weight for all 20 reps while maintaining form. Focus on maintaining technique as you fatigue around reps 10-20 and above.

2) WOD (15 min)
Front Squat (185/125)
HSPU or Dive Bombers

3) AP

3-2-1 min rounds of ME Assault Bike Calories, Rest 2 min between sets


Heidi’s CFW Experience…

I started my journey at CrossFit Waterloo about 3 years ago after trying a few classes at the suggestion of a friend. 3 years later and over 30 pounds lighter, I’m still challenging myself both physically and mentally, making progress every day and actually enjoying each workout. Yes. I said enjoying. (cue the ‘You’re crazy!’ comments from the people who can’t comprehend actually looking forward to working out).

I’ve tried a lot of different things over the years – bootcamps, regular gyms, yoga, running, kickboxing, spin classes – but always lost interest over time. CrossFit is different. The workouts are constantly varied and no matter how strong or fast I get, there is always something to improve on and a new goal to work towards.

The coaches at CFW are knowledgeable and able to work with athletes at every level – whether that means scaling a workout down because I just haven’t mastered a muscle up yet, or scaling it up to make it even more challenging. It’s also thanks to these coaches that I’ve stayed injury-free over the years. Yes, there is a risk of injury when you’re swinging on a pullup bar or hoisting 200lbs over your head. But proper form is always prioritized over intensity. The coaches at CFW are trained to notice every little detail and are quick to make the required corrections to your form to prevent any injury from occurring.

But what really sets CFW apart is the community. Could I go to a gym closer to home? Sure. Will I? Nope. The members at CFW have become a second family and they’re the main reason I look forward to walking through those doors each day. The people who text me when I miss a day, just to make sure I’m still alive. The people who push me to put 5 more pounds on my bar and go for that PR. The people who compete with me and push me to go just a little bit harder every day.

So while I may have lost 30+ pounds somewhere along the way, I’ve gained lifelong friendships, self-confidence in the incredible things my body is capable of doing, and some pretty solid muscles.

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