18.5 Open WOD for All


Hello CrossFit Waterloo Community!

The CrossFit Games Opens are sadly coming to an end. This is a great time of year with a lot of emotions for many. There has not been any shortage of Personal best moments for many and the excitement has been shared with many during these past few weeks! This is truly what the Opens are about and those memories are for ever.

Didn’t participate in the Opens this year? Its NOT too late!!! For those that have not registered for the Opens and maybe are curious how it would be to do an Open Wod with the energy around you that has been felt on each Saturday, here is your chance! This Saturday starting at 9:30 am we will be hosting 18.5 for all members. Yes, that means even if you are not in the Opens. As the previous weeks everyone will have the chance to do the Open Wod on Friday as the daily workout. However for those that miss it or want to do the Open Wod with the energetic environment, this Saturday will be your chance to do so. There will be no classes this Saturday and the only workout will be 18.5 for everyone. We hope to see many of you that have not signed up for the Open out on Saturday and share the experience or to support the athletes.

For all athletes in the Open this does mean that the Open Wod will be hosted 1 hour earlier at 9:30am. The agenda will remain the same from the previous weeks. The only changes are in the time and that you may get the chance to do the Open Wod along side a fellow member that didn’t register for the Open this year.

Missing all the WOD fun but want to come out for a drink?! Don’t forget that we will also be heading out in the evening for some drinks at Morty’s Pub. Click here for all the details for the evening.

To another great Open Season!

CrossFit Waterloo Team


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