CFW Community,


Well 18.3 has came and gone and there are only 2 nasty, but fun workouts left! I just want to say how amazing it is to come into the gym every Saturday to see and talk to all of you. I love the intensity that everyone is bringing during the workout and how we are providing an incredible atmosphere for each other going during the struggle. Congratulations to everyone that got their first muscle-up!!! That’s a huge achievement! And great job to those who were attempting their first anything! First RX workout, pull up, double under, overhead squat….whatever it may be. That’s the amazing thing about the open! Stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself! Its the only way we get better! So congrats to ALL of you!


I really hope that everyone is enjoying themselves as much as I am during the 2018 Open. Let’s keep the good times rolling! If you haven’t heard all the buzz that is going around, I am here to let you in on the scoop. After 18.5 on March 24th we are getting together as a community to have a night out, everyone is welcome even if you are not doing the Open! There was a blog a few weeks ago with a form to fill out just so we can have an approximate number of members that are interested in joining the festivities, and wow what a response, we are up to 40+ plus members! if you have filled out the form thank you, if you haven’t filled it out please click HERE. Its fast and easy.


So the plan for the night out is to all meet at Morty’s Pub on King street waterloo. The address and location is: 272 King St N, Waterloo, ON N2J 2Y9. We have the basement of the pub rented out, just let the host/hostess at the front desk know that you are with CrossFit Waterloo and they will direct you where to go. The parTAY starts at 6pm (March 24th after 18.5) and we have the basement booked for the whole night!


Thank you guys so much for your support and amazing response to the 18.5 Open after parTAY! This means so much to me and really makes me feel so lucky to be a part of this, for lack of better words AMAZING Community!! I can’t wait to see you all crush 18.4… and 18.5 of course.


Coach Steve

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