Push-ups are for the beach


1) GYMNASTICS SKILL (10-15 min)

Ring Muscle-up

Complex: 2 Ring Dips + 2 Muscle-up Transition + 2 Ring Dips

Level 1 – Begineer Progression (Feet directly underneath the rings)
Level 2 – Supine Pull-up Position Progression
Level 3 – Supine Position (Feet Elevated) or Standard Muscle-up

Complete 15-20 Muscle-up Pull Complexes

Note: Remember you can start your first 8-15 progressions with an “easier” progression. For example if you are able to do muscle-ups start with level 2 and the first progression for level 3 for reps 8-15. Then complete yout last 10 reps with the standard muscle-up progression. For the ring dip, you can have your feet on the ground to help support you in your ring dip.

2) GYMNASTICS WOD (15 min)
Russian Twists w/ Medball (20/14)
*= 1 Wall Climb + 20 HR Push-ups

2) AP
ME UB Plank Hold

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