CFW does TV?


CrossFit Waterloo will be featured on the CTV Kitchener News at 5pm today! It will be a 3 part series shown throughout the hour as a part of their “In Your Backyard” program featuring hidden gems in the region… tune in!

1) STRENGTH & SKILL (20-25 min)
Back Squat
1×4 @ (70%, 75%)
1×4 @ (75%, 80%)
2×4 @ 85%

*Percentages based off of your 1 RM Back Squat

Note: Only follow these percentages if you are able to maintain good form. If you’re not sure what to base your percentages off of start off with a moderate weight and gradually increase in weight as you go through the sets.

2) WOD
40 Double-unders
10+10 KB Swing Snatch (24/16)

3) AP
Sled Pull
4 x 100ft UB Sled Pull

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