18.5 After parTAY!


Hello Crossfit Waterloo Community,

Well what can I say, week one of the Reebok Crossfit Open was an awesome success! The community came together and it was an amazing atmosphere!! I can’t tell you enough how proud I am to see everyone giving everything they have and fighting to the bitter end of the workout. The support from the crowd was electrifying, I think at one point while I was doing the workout I got a little scared from you guys yelling and pushing me, I had no other option but to keep going! Thank you for the push! and that was not just for one athlete, everyone was cheering on each individual. Now that’s what I call a great community! Everyone should be proud of themselves, not just for competing but also for sticking together to push your fellow athlete!

So if you thought that was fun like I did, I am looking to to put together a little parTAY after 18.5! (March 24th). I have created a Google Form with a couple questions and a suggestions area. I want to get a feel of how many members would like to partake in the parTAY. Personally I think this will be a blast regardless of what we end up doing.  Even if you have not signed up for the Open I absolutely think you should still come and have some fun. This is for all of our community and would love to see everyone have a great time! This will be an awesome way to meet some members you may not even know due to the times you typically go to. Who doesn’t love making new friends?

If you can take some time to complete the form (its quick I promise) that would be great. Please make some suggestions if you have any. Once I have an idea of how many of you want to partake in the parTAY I can start locking down some reservations or making some arrangements at the gym. Click Here to fill out the form.

Keep up the hard work everyone! You all are crushing the Open.

Keep fit and have fun…. Haha I had to!

Coach Steve

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