It’s almost here!

It’s that time of year again where the community comes together for CrossFit Open! The CrossFit Open is a world wide competition where anyone of any skill level can compete. Whether it’s your first time doing the Open or if you been competing year after year,  everyone is encouraged to participate in the CrossFit Open.

CrossFit Open Structure:

Each week 1 workout will be announced on the CrossFit Games website at 8:00 pm. From there you will have until the following Monday by 5:00 pm to complete the workout and submit your score for that week. The CrossFit Open will span out for 5 weeks featuring 5 workouts in total.

Each workout will be judged whether that be from a friend or a coach and they will be making sure you are meeting the movement standards for the Open workout. All movement standards for each workout will be posted on the CrossFit Games website for your reference.

CrossFit Open Dates:

18.1 February 22nd – 26th

18.2 March 1st – 5th

18.3 March 8th – 12th

18.4 March 15th – 19th

18.5 March  22nd – 26th

The CrossFit Open at CrossFit Waterloo:

For the month of March including this week, Friday’s class programming will be based off the CrossFit Open workout posted for that week. If you are participating in the Open remember that you will need a judge in order for score to be valid. Coaches will be available after or before classes if your require them to judge for you (Please contact them in order to arrange a time).

Saturday’s has been traditionally the time for everyone to complete the weekly Open workouts. If you’re looking to have a blast competing with all friends and the CrossFit Waterloo community come on in Saturday mornings at 10:45 am after Coach Nik’s morning classes. Saturday’s will be planned out where movement standards will be reviewed first by the coaches from 10:45 – 11:00 am. It’s important you come at least 15 min early to sort out any questions you have and also to participate in the movement standard presentation. Then based on the workout and the number of heats we will start the first heat anytime between 11:10 – 11:20 am. We will run all the Scaled heats first then move on to the Rx heats.

As for assigning heats, a sign-up sheet will be posted online under Friday’s WOD post that will allow you to sign-up for your heat and division on Saturday. Saturday morning the sheet will be printed and posted at the front desk. This then allows you to sign-up into any available spots in case you forgot to sign-up ahead of time. It’s important for you to sign-up for your spot early as this allows for us to arrange and plan ahead of time.

Finally, we are looking for volunteers/judges to help us for Saturday’s Open day! The CFW Games ran perfectly and it was all a result of our amazing helpers and judges! For that we encourage all the help we can get for our Saturday Open day.

CrossFit Open Party! (Week 5):

As a thank you for all your participation, the last week of the Open Coach Steve will be setting up a fun event for everyone aka  “important save the date/lets party… night!” We encourage everyone to come out, even if you have not signed up for the CrossFit Open. Come hangout with our community, and let’s be honest who the heck wouldn’t! As for planning the event let Coach Steve know of any ideas that we can all do. So far some of the ideas were: Bowling, Pool hall, Renting a Brewery or Tour, Axe throwing or even just hanging out at the gym with a Potluck. Coach Steve will setup a form/vote for event ideas (Stay tuned for the post).  If you do have any ideas for good event ideas please feel free to email


We hope to see you all compete this year even if this your first time competing in CrossFit. Not only is it a blast competing with the community but it also helps you improve your own fitness. You will learn what your strengths and weaknesses which will help you set goals for next year to come.


Good luck in the 2018 CrossFit Open!


-Coach Yash & Coach Steve

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