Set goals… Attack your goals… Repeat!



Thank you to everyone that competed this weekend at the CrossFit Waterloo Games!. It was a great success and sooo much fun. I would also like to thank everyone that came to support all of our athletes and push them to the next level. I think this caption above is a great representation of our weekend. So many athletes hit new PR’s and couldn’t believe what they have accomplished. You all have done something you’ve never done… Now Attack your new goals. One more thing… and I can’t stress this out enough… Thank you Coach Yashar For organizing such a great weekend!!


1) STRENGTH & SKILL (15 min)
Jerk Complex (6 sets)
2 Push Jerk + 2 Split Jerks

*Working percentages 70+% of max S2OH.

Note: Focus on the key positions we covered over the past 6 weeks:
Rack Position
Overhead Position
Jerk Drive

2) WOD
Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls (75/55)
*=40 Double-unders

3) AP

3 Rounds
30 sec RS Side Plank
50ft Plate Drag (From Push-up position)
30 sec LS Side Plank

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