Daily archive for February 5, 2018

Rack, Drive, Overhead



Look at all of them prizes!! Everyday this week we will LEAK out what is in all of the prize bags with the biggest prize announcement on Friday. For this week, the obvious one is Spikeball. Thank you Spikeball for your donation

1) STRENGTH & SKILL (15 min)
Jerk Complex (6 sets)
2 Push Jerk + 2 Split Jerks

*Working percentages 60-70% of max S2OH.

Note: Focus on the key positions we covered over the past 6 weeks:
Rack Position
Overhead Position
Jerk Drive

2) WOD (14 min)
3 Rounds
21 Thrusters (95/65)
21 Bar Facing Burpees

Note: Choose a thruster weight where you can complete each set no more than 3 sets

3) AP

50 Alt. Angled Leg Raises (Pull-up bar)