Let that voice sing!


CrossFit Waterloo Community, Stay tuned for the CFW Open 18.4 live announcement Tuesday night at 8pm. Y vs A throwdown on Instagram and Facebook.

1) STRENGTH & SKILL (15 min)
Push Jerk 3×3
Split Jerk 3×3

*Working percentages 60-70% of max S2OH

Note: The next 3 weeks we will be focusing on the jerk drive. This includes the dip and the extension of the legs in the jerk. For this segment of the cycle focus on a slow 2-3 descent in your dip with a explosive ascent.

2) WOD (12 min)
For Time
Shoulder-to-overhead (115/85)
*= 30 Air Squats

Note: Choose a shoulder-to-overhead weight where you can complete 10-15 reps UB at a time

3) AP
50 Alt. Angled Leg Raises (Pull-up bar)

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