Volunteers Wanted!

Hello CFW Community,


We are looking for encouraging, fun, inspirational individuals to volunteer and help out for the Crossfit Waterloo Games. Even if you did not sign up for the Games this is a great event to get to know and watch your fellow members crush some of Coach Yash’s questionable WOD’s.


Job Requirements:


  • Read and understand WOD’s
  • Set up and take down of Bar’s, Plate’s, Rower’s… ect
  • Understanding of Movement Standards
  • PHD in Math…
  • Cheering
  • Having fun
  • Poking Fun at Coach Yash whenever possible!


Although there might be a few requirements for this job, Yash and Myself will make everything clear and as easy as possible to follow during the Games. We will go over all the movement standards and WOD’s before starting so we ask for you to show up at least half an hour before the Games begin to go over everything. The more volunteers we have the smoother the transitions will be between WOD’s .

This Event will be such an amazing and fun time for everyone, we hope to see you there!

If you are interested in volunteering for the games you can sign up here.


There will be a sign up sheet at the gym on the front desk. Also on the sign in sheet let us know how many hours you can volunteer for the day. 

Also DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR 18.3 SCORE!! you can do it from Here.

Thank you.


Coach Steve


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