Get After It!!


1) WOD (28 min)
3 Rounds
2 min ME Cal Bike
2 min ME Alt. DB Snatch
2 min ME Box Jumps
2 min ME Wallballs
-2 min rests-

Dumbbell (50/35)
Wallball (20/14)
Box Height (24/20)

3 Rounds
2 min ME Cal Row
2 min ME Kettlebell Swings
2 min ME Step-ups
2 min ME Wallballs
-2 min rests-

KBS (24/16)
Wallball (16/10)
Box Height (20/16)

Dumbbell Snatches – Each starts with both heads of the dumbbell on the floor and the rep ends with the dumbbell locked out in the overhead position.
Kettlebell Swings – KB Swing must start with the KB behind the plane of the shins and end overhead head with both arms locked out including the hips.
Box Jumps/Step-ups – Box Jumps start with a two-foot take off and ends with your hips open at the top (Applies to step-ups as well).
Wallballs – Start the movement by squatting below parallel followed up with a successful wallball shot to the target. Any misses will count as no-reps.
Assault Bike / Rower – “Ghost” Calories will not count towards your overall reps. Calories completed within the interval will count towards your total.

***Pro-tip: Keep a running total of all reps for each round and during your rest write down your total reps per round.

2) AP
Active Recovery:
Choose rowing, running or biking
5 Rounds
45 sec moderate pace, 15 sec fast pace



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