Daily archive for January 5, 2018

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1) STRENGTH & SKILL (20-25 min)
Back Squat

*Start at ~50-55% of your 1 RM and build as each set decreases in reps. Your set of 6 should be heavier than your set of 8.

2) WOD (15 min)
4 Rounds
90 sec of ME Alt. Pistols
90 sec to Run 4 laps (800ft)
60 sec rest

Note: Sub the pistols with any progression whether it be off of a box or band. If your working on strengthening your leg strength/stability sub the pistols for weighted reverse lunges with a dumbbell/kb.

3) AP
10 min of Ring Muscle-up Practice

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year CrossFit Waterloo Community!

Thank you to everyone for making 2017 another great year and the support that came during all the changes. We are looking forward to the New Year ahead in 2018 as the momentum will carry over into this year as well!

There are a few changes happening at our gym. As you may have noticed, CFW installed a scan station that is set up at the front desk of Crunch Fitness. Most of you have already received a CFW scan card. For those of you who have not, please ask one of the coaches before or after your next class and they will provide you with one. With the scanner up and running we want to clear up some issues that we have seen since the scanner was installed. Don’t confuse the scanner that is at the Coaches desk as that is not the scanner to sign in. That scanner is used for Coaches when setting up a new tag/membership. It is important that each member signs up for a class before arriving to the gym. This will ensure that there are no issues when scanning in because you must be registered for a class before scanning in. Also, please note that there is no longer a sign up window for registering for classes, therefore you can sign up for a class any time before the class occurs. Crunch Fitness has played around with a magnetic door and they are working on having the door on a magnetic lock. The door will only unlock if the member is signed into the class. This is why it is important to start signing into your class prior and then scan upon entry. As there is no sign up window you can sign into a class from your mobile in the parking lot and then scan into the class.

You may have also seen that Open Gym sessions have been added to the schedule. Open Gym is a great way to complete extra work, work on specific movements or work on movements assigned by the physio therapist assistants. We recommend Open Gym to those members who are confident in their movements and are attending 3 or more regular classes each week. Please note that you must sign up online for Open Gym sessions as well and if you are planning on attending an Open Gym session, you must come during the allotted time slots for Open Gym.

If you have any issues with scanning in, please email Mike at membership@crossfitwaterloo.com . We know that issues may arise during the transition period of switching to self-sign/scanning and we thank you in advance for your patience.

Thank you and we’ll see you around the gym!

CrossFit Team