Power Monkey Camp Coming to CFW

1) GYMNASTICS SKILL (10-15 min)
Tempo Ring Dips 5×5
*3 sec controlled descent, fast ascent

Level 1 – Ring Dip Scaling
Level 2 – Body weight Ring Dip
Level 3 – Weighted Ring Dip

2) WOD (20 min)
Accumulate 2:30 min Top of Pull-up Hold
Every break complete:
400m run (6.5 laps)
15 Burpees

3) AP
5 Rounds
GHD Situps
30 sec on
30 sec off

Today is 1 Rep Max for the Barbell club! Check out the blog for more details and movement standards. This is a great baseline for any members that have been part of the classes or new members that have been curious about the club. Start the New year with your 1RM to set goals in 2018!!!

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