Barbell Club: 1 Rep Max Day

Barbell Club- 1 Rep Max Day

Thursday January 4th 6:45-8pm approx.

*First lifter will start at 7pm*


This 1 RM day is going to be ran a little different than the way it was previously done; more similarly done like an actual weightlifting meet. Please remember that these 1 RM attempts will be judged based upon actual weightlifting standards for the lifts

***IF any attempts taken by anyone start to look sloppy/out or drastically out of control, for safety concerns you will not be able to take attempts at a higher weight***

-Each person will have 4 attempts “on the platform” for their Snatch and Clean and Jerk
– One person will be lifting at a time
– There will be a designated “warm-up” space towards the back (near the rowers), the taped platform will be closer to the turf.
– Each of you will be responsible to warm yourselves up for the snatch and clean and jerk (If you need any assistance on “how to”, please ask me)

Prior to Thursday please think about what your opening attempts will be (snatch and clean and jerk) and have it ready to be written on an “attempt card” that I will be giving each of you. I will need everyone’s first attempt promptly at 6:45pm (or sooner if your earlier to warm-up) I will need this to determine who will go first. We will have all the ladies go first, followed by the men. So we’re not alternating between loading a men’s and women’s bar at the same time.

Snatch Standards
– fully locked out elbows, no press-outs.
– fully finished movement by complete extension on knees and hips when standing up to finish the movement before dropping the bar.

Clean and Jerk Standards

– squat clean or power clean permitted
– power jerk or split jerk permitted
– no press of elbows out on jerk
-feet need to come together in a line and lifter must be motionless before the judge signals that the bar can be safety dropped.

Standards for both lifts
-lifter cannot drop the bar until the judge signals them to do so

-Coach Amber

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