Hello CFW Nutrition Challenge goers and CFW Community,

With a whopping 171lbs lost in total, I would just like to say that you guys KILLED it!! Congratulations to everyone who participated. As this was my first time helping coach Chris Vranes with the nutrition challenge I am super happy and pumped with everyone’s results. I have learned so much with all the questions everyone has had, and very much look forward to answering anymore you may have in the future.

I know I know, get to the winners and the prizes…but first, I just want to talk about each group. Group A had a well rounded focus that included sleep, exercise, and following a strict Paleo diet as their primary focus on nutrition. The sleep goal was set for about 7-8hrs each night and the fitness goal of attending a minimum of 3 CFW programmed classes was also put into place. This group has seen amazing results and has mentioned how easy it is to consistently follow a Paleo “diet”. Congratulations Group A!

Group B, better known as “Macro counters”, is the group that was looking to fine tune their already “clean” ways of eating, sleeping, and exercise. This group was required to put in a little bit more work when it came to meal prepping by weighing and measuring everything they ate. They also focused on getting better sleep and were put up to the challenge of completely blacking out their rooms to optimize their sleep. Their minimum requirement for the fitness aspect was to attend CFW programmed classes at least 5 days of the week. This group may not have seen such big changes as group A, but their performance and figures show inside and out of CFW. Great job guys, I know its a lot of work but you NAILED it!


Okay Okay, so here are the big winners for each group.

Group A: Denny Droumtsekas with a weight loss of  13 lbs 2 inches in the waist and 2 inches in the hips.

Group B: Benjamin Ouellette with a weight loss of 12 lbs. And Ill just let the pictures speak for themselves.









The Winner of each group will be receiving prizes of these Amazing sponsors…



Amanda has made it her passion and job to create No sugar & Low sugar treats. I have tried her amazing treats and believe me they are tasty!

Check out her website www.tinytoad.ca for her amazing products. Also Facebook and Instagram – TinyToadCreations.


Thank you to John and Cathy Gerger aka (Ma and Pa) for donating Kitchener Rangers tickets. Make sure to say thank you when you see them crushing it in the Functions class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.




Thank you to Alison Linde and Borealis for hooking us up with a pretty sweet 3-course date night dinner for two. Give a good look at their website www.borealisgrille.ca and i’ll guarantee you’ll be hangry.





Thank you to Tammy Bindseil and Alexandria Professionals for offering a Body Sugaring for the big winners. So winners with your new you, make sure you hit up Tammy to finish of your temple. haha!



Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 Nutrition Challenge. Remember to continue to Eat, Sleep and Exercise to optimize your health and wellness. Its not a Challenge its a lifestyle!


Coach Steve



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