CrossFit Waterloo Games Registration

CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018 Registration,

Here’s a quick rundown on how to register for CrossFit Waterloo Games / Open Competition:

Option 1: Register remotely through your MindBody account (Computer)

  1. Sign-in to MindBody and click the “Events/Competitions” Tab
  2. Click on “Sign Up Now!”, and proceed to “Enroll”
  3. Click on “Check out”. Order total will be $20.00
  4. Enter your billing information and or gift card code. Once you place the order you will be registered for the CrossFit Waterloo Games / Open Competition

Option 2: Speak to one of your coaches at CrossFit Waterloo


What does the registration cover? Do I need to pay for a team separately?

Registering for the CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018 will allow you to compete in the CrossFit Waterloo Open. The fee will also cover the CrossFit Waterloo Games if you or your team qualifies. You do not have pay for a team. Each athlete pays individually.

Team composition and team scoring?

If you create a team, your score will count both towards your team’s overall score and as well as your own individual score. At the end of the 4-week competition you will either have the decision of competing individual or with your team depending on qualifications.

Teams consist of 6 members (3 males and 3 females). Teams can be a mix of Rx and Scaled athletes. Only 4 members will be allowed to compete as a team at the CrossFit Waterloo Games. This gives the option of 2 other members competing individual at the CrossFit Waterloo Games.

The team registration link will allow you create your team. All members must be registered by January 10th.

Team registration isn’t mandatory, you can still compete individually.

Team Registration Link:

***Registration Due Date: January 10th, 2018***


If you have more questions feel free to contact me at the gym or at my email:


I will frequently update this blog if more questions arise. Please refer to this blog and as well as the initial blog for information on CrossFit Waterloo Games / Open Competition.

Refer to the previous blog for more information by clicking here



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