Christmas Workout on Saturday


Week 8/8

1) Olympic Lift Skill (15 min)
7×1 Clean & Jerk

Note: Build in weight each set and make sure you are landing in a solid locked-out position before recovering from your split jerk. Again use any technique you are most comfortable for your clean and shoulder-to-overhead.

Beginner/Intermediate – Power Clean
Advanced – Squat Clean

2) WOD
7 Power Clean
Sprint 200ft
7 G2OH
Sprint 200ft

M – 135
F – 95

3) AP
3 Rounds
30+30 sec side plank (One foot Elevated)
30 Straight Arm Russian Twists (with plate)


Our Christmas Workout will take place this Saturday at 10:30am. It will be one group workout starting shortly after a warm up. For some of you that have joined us with our Christmas WOD there may be a chance for some Delicous Egg Nog! Festive colours and spirit is encouraged!!!

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