CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018

CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018!

CFW Community,

The CrossFit Waterloo Games are back! Last year was a success with over 40 participants competing in the CrossFit Waterloo Open. The Open competition featured 4 weeks of competition with one workout announced weekly for participants to complete during class. At the end of the 4 weeks, the top 6 males and females from each division were invited to compete at the CrossFit Waterloo Games 2017. The Games brought out the best of the best to reveal the fittest in the CrossFit Waterloo community.


Here’s a rundown of how this years upcoming 2-staged competition will be structured:

Stage 1: CrossFit Waterloo Open 2018 (January 10th – February 3rd)

The CrossFit Waterloo Open will start on Wednesday, January 10th. For 4 weeks, 1 workout will be announced every Wednesday. The workout will be structured into Wednesdays programming which will allow you to complete the workout during the class.

Each workout will have both an Rx and Scaled version you can complete. The new change with this years competition is that we will allow you to complete workouts either Rx or Scaled. For example, you can complete 3 of the 4 workouts Rx and 1 of them can be completed Scaled. The only requirement is that you follow either Rx or Scaled workouts for the CrossFit Waterloo Open competition. Custom scalings will not be accepted for valid score submissions.

Once you have completed the workout, a submission link will be provided on the WOD posting for that day. ***You will have until Saturday at 11:00 pm of that week to submit your score***. Workouts can be completed anytime between Wednesday and Saturday. Workout submissions later than Saturday at 11:00 pm will not be accepted. Even you if you submit at 11:01 pm.

Here’s a breakdown of the minimum requirements for each division. If you are still unsure if meet the requirements for any of divisions speak to Yashar or Steve.

Rx Division:

Clean & Jerk (155/105)

Snatch (115/85)

HSPU or S2OH (155/105)

Deadlifts (225/155)

Pull-ups (No bands or jumping pull-ups)



Scaled Division:

Ground to Overhead – Any style (95/65)

Box Jump (20/16)

Wall balls (16/10)

Jumping Pull-ups (Head starting 6” below the bar)

Single skips

More details regarding submissions and workout details will be announced the day of the first CrossFit Waterloo Open workout. Again, if you have any questions feel free to email or chat with Yashar or Steve.


Stage 2: CrossFit Waterloo Games (Saturday, February 10th)

Mark your calendars! The CrossFit Waterloo Games will be a one day event consisting of multiple individual and team workouts. The following athletes after the first stage of competition will be invited to the CrossFit Waterloo Games:

Rx – Top 6 Males and Top 6 Females

Scaled – Top 6 Males and Top 6 Females

Teams – TBA

Scores from the CrossFit Waterloo Open will be accumulated based on the placings in each workout and the top individuals and teams will be invited to compete at the CrossFit Waterloo Games. Notice this competition will require you to compete in one division either Rx / Scaled / Teams.

After the opens are complete the top 12 males and top 12 females will compete at the Games. Placings from 1st – 6th will compete in the Rx division. Placings from 7th – 12th will then compete in the Scaled division.

Teams! We’re excited about this change as it will bring more excitement to this year’s competition. Each team will consist of 6 members (3 males and 3 females) being Rx, Scaled or a mix of both. Here’s the catch, only 4 members will be allowed to compete in the CrossFit Waterloo Games. This will allow 1 male and 1 female to compete individually at the Games while still allowing the rest of team to compete if they qualify. This also allows for more people to participate at the Games. You will have until CrossFit Waterloo Open registration deadline (January 10th) to create your team of 6.

Team scores will be organized similarly to the individual scoring system. A teams score will be the combined total of every members score in each CrossFit Waterloo Open workouts (Details regarding scoring will be listed in each workout posting).

Why should you sign-up?

Take the CrossFit Waterloo Open and Games competition as a chance to have a blast competing with the community and seeing where you stand amongst your peers. Your goal may be just to compete against your friends, or see what the Open will be like, or maybe you are looking to win the CrossFit Waterloo Games!  Either way you’ll be one step closer to becoming a better overall athlete. Both your strengths and weaknesses will be exposed during the CFW Open and this will give you motivation to improve and train for next year to become better than you were this year.  Even if you’re not competitive, registering will be a great way of getting the CFW community more motivated and closer together!

Since the Open is just around the corner, the CFW Open becomes a great test run for those of you who have been competing in the Open in past. If you are still undecided or have no idea about signing up for the 2017 CrossFit Open this year, the CFW Open is a great step to take to join in on the tradition and see if it’s something you would be interested in.

Any prizes for all this exercise…?

Last year we were able to collect a range of prizes from companies such as Gorila Fitness, Caffeine and Kilos, Workt.. And many more! Expect to see even more prizes this year round! On top of this we will be installing our plaque soon from last years winners and soon to include this year’s winners. The following athletes will have their names engraved on the CrossFit Waterloo Games plaque:

Top 3 Rx Males

Top 3 Rx Females

Top 3 Scaled Males

Top 3 Scaled Females

Top Team overall

Important Dates:

CFW Opens Week 1 – January 10-13th

CFW Opens Week 2 – January 17-20th

CFW Opens Week 3 – January 24-27th

CFW Opens Week 4 – January 31st – February 3rd

CFW Games – Saturday, February 10th (Day event)

*Deadline for submission each week will be every Saturday by 11:00 pm

***How to register***

More details will follow this week on how to register for the CFW Games. The fee for registration will be $20 (Including tax). This will include both your registration for the CFW Open and the Games. To register please see one of your coaches at the front desk.

More details on the CFW Open and Games will be coming up in later blogs. You will have until January 10th (Release of the 1st CFW Open Workout) to register and create your 6-person team.

Team Registration Form:

Note: All members must pay the registration fee to compete

If you have any questions please free to contact myself or Steve.

We hope to see you all competing in the 2nd year of the CrossFit Waterloo Open and Games competition!




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