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Good morning CrossFit Waterloo Community,

We are now under way in our 2nd month of working with our Physiotherapist and members to restore and improve movement quality. The first month was a great start off to our clinic days with our Physiotherapist (PT), but has brought some questions from our community. We want to take the time now to address some of the questions as they may be common within our community. Some questions we have received are if the assessment is Free… YES it is! Also we want to clarify the days we have a PT on site, the changes you are still going to be seeing, billing and insurance coverage, and why you will work with a Physiotherapist Assistant (PTA).

As you may be aware, we are still in a stage with construction for the clinic area down the hallway, that requires some more work to be done. You will see some construction going on so thanks for your patience. However this also means that some more great changes will be coming to the main gym area as well. You will see some graphics/decor going up and other tasks to improve our space to be done that had to go on hold due to the clinic and some other factors.

We have had good support from you all on our 2 clinic days for Ram, our physiotherapist. However it has been confusing for some and we hope this blog explains it better. We have Ram come in every 2 weeks for assessments. The clinic days are meant to do assessments and/or re-assessments if you have started a treatment plan with us already. The next clinic day is this Friday and there are some available slots still between 2-6:30pm. Once Ram has done his assessment then he communicates the concerns and findings with our PTA’s (physiotherapist assistants). From there a treatment plan is designed based on Ram’s notes with his testing that is done during the assessment. He includes what he sees fit in regards to how many sessions he believes would be required to address the issue and provides the direction to take the treatments for the PTA. This means it is a tailored program based on your issue, and any constraints that may be presented with your insurance coverage. YES, all sessions are covered by your insurance for those with coverage.

Which leads to my next point about billing. You are only billed for the sessions you spend with a PTA or if needed for a re-assessment. This is a pay as you go design to allow comfort for all. Any sessions with the PTA can be 30, 45, or even 60 minutes. The initial assessment with Ram is FREE and is a 30 minute session. This session is focused on 1 issue at a time as 30 minutes is only  long enough to do a proper intake and tests for one concern. This is the time that he spends to  allow him to hone in on the exact issue.

Our last point is to better explain what a PTA role is and how it has benefits. Having a PTA work with you will bring full attention to you during each session. This way if any changes to the treatment plan are needed prior to a re-assessment with Ram they can be done. This does mean tailoring the programming for you, and as you progress, so will your treatment plan with no delay. All of our PTA’s leave notes in our system to track your progress and we encourage progression to better your issue as effectively as possible. You can look at the PTA as your personal Therapist Coach that is coaching you and designing your treatment programming with all the constant changes and updates.

We hope this clears up the questions that we have been receiving from the community and allows for more of our members to be informed about this great added feature to our members. Remember your initial assessment is FREE and your treatments are covered by your insurance/benefits. Book your session for this coming Friday if you are interested in addressing an issue that is restricting you or has been an issue for you in the past.

CrossFit Waterloo Team

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