CFW Nutrition prizes


Hello CFW Nutrition participants and fellow Community members,

I just want to say that I am very happy and proud that all of you are trying so hard to do the best you can during this Nutrition Challenge. Everyone that I have talked to has  been doing an amazing job so far. Week 4, the final week, celebration week whatever you want to call it is just around the corner, you are almost there stay strong!.

At this time in the challenge, you should be noticing how much better you feel without having all the crap that comes in today’s processed foods, the refined sugar, and all the other junk that is out there. Remember what Coach Chris V said in the seminar “the world of food is stacked against us”. Everywhere you turn there is a new hyperpalatable food popping out of nowhere and they look so delicious!. What everyone, including all members of CFW, should be thinking about while making healthy food, sleep, and exercise choices is where do you want to be or how do you want to live in the foreseeable future? Making positive choices like the ones we layout in our Nutrition challenge is a great step in staying very healthy and living a full energetic life.

Ok I will stop preaching… for now. I would like to share with you a few prizes to keep you motivated or to take that extra step in getting your hands on these prizes.

These are just a couple.

Coach Steve

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