Functional Movements always Involve Legs too

Week 6/8

1) Olympic Lift Skill (15 min)
6 sets of
1 Clean + 3 Split Jerk

Note: If you are still working on your press technique substitute the split jerk for any of the previous presses worked on earlier in the cycle. Choose your progression of clean that your most comfortable with (Hi-hang, Hang, Below the knees, Floor). Perform a squat clean or power clean depending on your skill level with the clean. Avoid building to a heavy complex and focus more on your setup and execution of your split jerk.

Beginner/Intermediate – Power Clean
Advanced – Squat Clean

2) WOD
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Push Jerk
* = 50 Double-Unders

M – 115
F – 80

3) AP
3 rounds
8+8 Windmills
2+2 Turkish Get-up

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