Daily archive for November 12, 2017

If only groceries carried themselves…


1) Skill (10 min)
Rope Climb Technique
Accumulate 6-10 Rope Climbs (15ft)

Note: Use any height rope to practice your rope climbs. If you’re not comfortable climbing high on the rope use any of the ropes located in the pull-up rigs. The ropes located near the wall have a 15ft black tape marking. Finally don’t forget to wear some type of long sock or pants to keep the ropes sanitary and to protect your shins from rope burns.

2) WOD
(10+10) One-Arm DB Push Press or Jerk
400ft KB Farmers Carry (24/16)
(10+10) One-Arm OH DB Walking Lunge
400ft Run (2 laps)

3) AP
4 x ME UB Push-ups