Physio Update

After our initial post last week; we have had a great response in our future plans with our onsite Physiotherapist (PT). As mentioned we will have our first clinic day today! Our PT onsite will be Ramesh and he has been practicing since 1998 and received his Masters in 2001. He will be on site on Friday between 2:30pm – 7pm and will be doing 30 minute assessments for members or non-members that are interested. We have booked a full day of assessments for today as the interest was high! If you are interested to book an assessment for the next clinic day please emails us at Ramesh will be onsite every 2 weeks on Fridays only to start off, but if we see the demand is high other days will be added as needed.

If you missed the first post about our onsite PT please read it if you are interested. As expressed this is a different concept then the conventional clinic and our goal is to provide an efficient manner to be successful with rehab treatment for any of your aches or tweaks. All assessments are 30 minutes long and FREE for your first assessment! To maximize the assessment we require anyone that is interested to fill out waiver forms prior and provide a bit of background on your reason of interest. This allows us to make notes into your account to provide some direction for Ramesh our PT. This is another reason why we require the initial email as a form of communication to allow for the account set up. After the assessment is completed Ramesh will make his diagnoses of the issue to allow the treatment (TX) plan to be established. Moving forward you will be working with Ramesh as the PT for re-assessments (when required or when addressed in the TX plan), but will be working directly with our Physiotherapist Assistances (PTA). Chris and I (Eddie) will be the initial PTA’s but will be allowing opportunities for other PTA’s to come on board as needed.  This will then allow assessments to be done by a trained PT but as well to have a constant attention and feedback from a PTA. When suited this will allow us to program some Functional Neurology into any Tx plans. Another great ability with our PT plan we will be able to program functional movements into your Tx plans when suitable for the client. Our vision for this added feature is to have a Full Circle plan that allows you to rehab or prehab any concerns while having proper communication from PT to Coaches.

We will be providing more clarification, so please keep your questions and feedback coming!




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