Daily archive for November 6, 2017

Grind it Back

1) Olympic Lift Skill (15 min)
5 sets of
2 x (Clean + 2 Push Jerk)

Beginner/Intermediate – Power Clean
Advanced – Squat Clean

Note: If you are still working on your press technique substitute the push jerk for a push press to improve your technique. Choose your progression of clean that your most comfortable with (Hi-hang, Hang, Below the knees, Floor). Perform a squat clean or power clean depending on your skill level with the clean. Avoid building to a heavy complex and focus more on your setup and execution of your Jerk.

2) WOD
9 Thrusters (115/80)
18 KBS (24/16)
EMOM – 3 Burpees

3) AP
3 rounds
20 + 20 sec Side Plank
10 + 10 Oblique Raises (Side Plank)