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Hello CrossFit Waterloo Community! As you may have seen on Wednesday’s WOD post; CFW has partnered up with another health professional to provide Physiotherapy on site.  This will be a great tool for our members, and anyone else that wishes to fix their lingering or chronic issues properly and functionally. This means insurable coverage, constant re-assessment with updated programming in the treatment plan, full attention during the physio sessions, and some additional functional neurology when needed!

We will be launching our clinic next Friday November 10th. Our physiotherapist will be on site between 2pm and 7pm and we will be booking free 30 minute assessments for that day to address your lingering issues. All bookings must be done prior to Friday, and the time slots will be between 2 to 6:30pm.  Please book in advance with Chris or myself (Eddie) in person, or you can email in case you don’t bump into us, but are eager to get started on fixing your issue.

There will be many advantages to our Phsyio program.  For starters, we will make sure that you are receiving full attention during every single Physio session.  In some cases, after the physiotherapist’s (PT) assessment session, the PT hands out a multi week program for the patient to follow.  Sometimes the patient is unsure if they’re performing the exercises well, or they’re not sure that they feel the exercise in the right ways, or they think that they are ready for the next step in their recovery but aren’t sure what that is… or even worse they can’t tell if these prescribed movements are even working for them.  That will not be the case with our program as the Physio will first help to identify the root cause(s) of your chronic issues and then create an initial game plan of what will be required to fix it for good.  After that you will have a Physiotherapist Assistant (PTA) with you at all times to constantly re-assess the treatment plan according to the patients progress.  Every session you will get daily updates, assessments, and program improvements to accommodate the changes (or lack of changes) in your body. Chris and I will work as PTA’s, which will allow us to use our years of experience and expertise with mobility, strength training, and overall movement mechanics to help you achieve great results.  As a huge bonus, we will also add on any functional Neurology when needed. There have been several members that have tried out the Functional Neurology with Chris or myself  and have seen instant results and long lasting changes. Meaning with the help of our new Physiotherapist we can combine all forms of knowledge and disciplines to alleviate your chronic pain/issues.

As mentioned above, for those of you who have benefits, your Physiotherapy treatment costs will be covered. It is a great time to start addressing these issues with the year coming to an end if you have some unused insurance coverage for PT. For those of you that have used up their benefits, the new year is around the corner and we look forward to helping you then!

We understand this may come with many questions or some further explanation. Feel free to talk to Chris or myself about it for all the details of the program or if you are looking to sign up!



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