Wall Climbs… Means lets go Upside down

1) Gymnastics + Accessory (12 min)
Level 1 – Handstand Development
Level 2 – Handstand Hold (Wall)

3 rounds
30 sec HS Hold (Wall)
30 sec Hollow Hold
16 Alt. Angled Leg Raises (Strict and on a Pull-up bar)

Note: If you are not able to get into a handstand against the wall then use a wall walk progression or work on your kicking up into your handstand.

2) WOD (17 min)
3 rounds
1st min – Wallclimbs
2nd min – HSPU
3rd min – Rest
4th min – Lateral Hop Jumps over Parallette
5th min – Jumping Squats
6th min – Rest

3) AP
Sled Push
Tabata (20 sec on / 10 sec off) – For Distance

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