Happy Halloween

Thank you to all for the support this past weekend. We had a fun day with a great turnout.

1) Strength Skill (20-25 min)
A. 3×3 (Heavy)
*Pause at the knee (3 sec)
*Stop at the bottom of each rep

B. 3×3 (Heavy-Build weight)
*Controlled tempo down
*”Touch and go” is permitted but no bouncing the weights

2) WOD (10 min)
Every break complete:
25 Wallballs (20/14)
600ft Medball Run

Note: Your score is the total number of T2B accumulated in 10 min. Choose a T2B progression (V-sit, K2E, Knee Raises) that will allow you to complete 10+ reps every round.

3) AP
Strongman Accessory
3 sets of 200 ft Heavy Pinch Grip Farmers Carry

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