Daily archive for October 13, 2017

Thrust into the Weekend

1) Lift/Skill
Front Squat – Find a heavy set of 5 reps
Romanian Deadlift – 3×10

2) WOD (15 min)
2 Rounds
Thrusters (95/65)
Burpee Over Box Jumps (24/20)
Rest 2 min

Note: Each round is to be completed at 90-100% effort.

3) AP
Accumulate 90 sec of L-sit (rings), compare to last week

2017 Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge

This is a picture of Coach Steve before his 2015 Paleo Challenge and a current picture of him living his healthy lifestyle post challenge (PS Coach Steve is not the Fish). Steve will also be helping us with this year’s challenge!

Hello CFW Community,

We will be doing our famous and highly successful Nutrition and Lifestyle challenge starting on Monday November 13th.  There will be an information seminar on Saturday November 11th to explain all of the how’s and why’s of the challenge.  Also, there will be two different groups to suit our differing clientele.  Here are more details on the two groups:

Group A (Health Focused… Look, Feel, & Perform your Best)

  • Designed for people who’s main objective is shedding pounds, leaning out, and just getting healthy
  • Easy to follow process
  • 30-day duration
  • You will be weighed and measured before and after the challenge
  • More focus on quality of food (paleo style), sleep, and exercise (CFW 3-5x Week)
  • Great for people who want to learn more about optimal health and nutrition and healing their bodies
  • Perfect for people who love Christmas shopping… because you will need a more fitted ugly sweater this year!

Group B (Performance… Fine tuning the specifics)

  • Designed for people that have already achieved good results on their current diet and strict exercise regime, but seek to get to the next level.
  • If you are already lean, but want to drop (or gain) a percent or two of body fat, this is the next step.
  • Ideal if you are ready to learn about counting macros, macro timing, and performance based nutrition.
  • 6 Week duration.
  • Will be required to take a before and an after pic, but not required to post or show anyone if you don’t want to. This is purely for yourself, and if you like the results and want to be in prize contention, then you can decide to show it off to just me or the CFW community.
  • This group will have strict and specific guidelines and will require a bit more detail to fine tune, therefore beginner dieters should be in Group A.
  • For this group I recommend hitting the tanning salon week 3’ish, cause you’ll wanna base tan the heck out of them abs before you hit the beach on your winter getaway.

The Group A winner will be determined by the most weight/inches/body fat lost, and the Group B champion will be decided by the best before/after pic results.

There will be a 90 minute seminar on Saturday November 11th around noon to go over the guidelines of the challenge in much more detail.  I will be explaining some of the science/theory behind why this all works at that time as well.  The main purpose of the seminar will be to clearly explain the guidelines that we want you guys to follow.  We will also be weighing and measuring you guys at this time and will have some time for Q&A in case something is unclear to you.

The Fee for the challenge is $90 taxes included and there will be prizes for the top finishers in each category.  If you guys have any questions, or want some advice about doing the challenge, or what group you should join, or anything challenge related please don’t hesitate to ask me or Coach Steve when you see us at the gym, or you can email me at the address below (I know it seems like I sit in front of my computer all day waiting for emails with questions to answer… but unfortunately that’s not the case.  Give me at least a 24 hour window or so to respond.  Thanks in advance for your patience :p ).

Finally, to sign up for the challenge, please CLICK HERE and follow this link to Mind Body where you can pay by Credit online.  After you have paid the entry, we will email you a package that will include some more information about the challenge.  We will be emailing this package out every Friday to new sign ups.  Our sign up deadline is on November 9th so we can get you the packages on the 10th

Coach Chris