Turkish Get-ups for a Turkey Weekend

1) Gymnastics Skill (15 min)
Ring Muscle-up Practice
Level 1: Muscle-up Progressions (Kipping/Turnover practice)
5 Rounds
5 Muscle-up transistions
10 Kip swings (Hips to rings)

Level 2: Ring Muscle-ups (Technique & Volume)
EMOM – 2 Ring Muscle-ups (2 ring dips at the top of each muscle-up)

Note: Choose either level 1 or 2 based on your progressions with the ring muscle-up. If you struggle with your pulling and pushing strength supplement 5 ring pull-ups and ring dips each round.

2) WOD (14 min)
3 Rounds
60 sec ME Cals AB or Row
60 sec RS Turkish Get-ups
60 sec ME Double-Unders
60 sec LS Turkish Get-ups
60 sec rest

Note: Your total score is the total number of reps completed after the 3 rounds

3) AP
For Time:
2 Rounds
30/21 Cal AB
1000m Row

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