Fall 2017 Programming Notes

Fall 2017 Programming Notes

Hello CFW Community!

Below you will find the programming notes for the daily workouts over the next 8 weeks. We will be giving all of you an idea of what specific skills we will be working on in the next few months. We want all of you to understand the purpose of the daily programming to help you mentally prepare yourself before you even get to our gym. Knowing the purpose of each day will help you set your goals for the next few months of the fall programming.

Programming Structure


Olympic Lift Skill: We’ve recently just finished an 8-week cycle of cleans mainly focusing on our positions starting from the basic high hang position and down to the floor through various complexes. Monday will still be focused on olympic lifting but instead we will be turning our attention towards the snatch for this 8-week cycle. For the first 4 weeks we will concentrate on our pull and basic hi-hang and hang positions through complexes. After the 4 weeks we will switch gears and focus on the overhead squat instead of the pull. The goal of the cycle will be fine tune and establish your bar path alongside understanding proper overhead positioning in the snatch.

WOD: Every other week expect to see a some type of snatch progression based on olympic lift skill that you worked on earlier. Tag this along with some cardio and you got yourself WOD. The opposing week will be focused more on dumbbell and kettlebell movements in order to strengthen our ability to maintain tension in the midline while performing a dynamic movement (eg. snatch).

AP: Strongman and odd object work


Gymnastics Strength: As you’ve recently seen this past Tuesday we have worked on our strict handstand pushups. We will continue this trend for 4 weeks to build our upper body pushing strength. Then to complement this cycle we will work on our raw pulling strength with strict pull-ups from weeks 5-8. The goal of Tuesday’s will be focused on strengthening the upper body and learning proper pushing and pulling mechanics. Keep track of your progressions and use a progression best suited for you based on the given progressions listed in daily WOD posting (ie. Level 1,2,3).

WOD: To get that perfect push:pull ratio (ie. “The Pump”), the WODs from weeks 1-4 will have some type of pull-up. Use any style whether it be jumping, kipping, butterfly pull-ups for the workout unless otherwise stated. Weeks 5-8 will then have handstand pushups in the workout and strict pull-ups in the gymnastics strength.

AP: Rotational midline strengthening

Barbell Class – 6:45 PM


WOD: Wednesday will be the “Classic” CrossFit day, where you will see a variety of workouts such as AMRAPs, Chippers or Hero and Benchmark workouts. Continuing the “Whiteboard Wednesday” trend, we encourage all of you to post your scores whether the workout was scaled or performed rx. We don’t typically stress writing your scores down on the whiteboard on a day to day basis… we do however want your results posted in your own journals for your own reference, accountability, and growth.  Keep in mind we want you all moving safely first, then focusing on intensity after…Although sometimes ‘we just wanna go fast or heavy’ , it’s in our competitive nature.  It’s fun, pushes us to a new level, and tests us in different and great ways when done properly.

AP: Weighted rows (4 weeks), Weighted presses (4 weeks)


Gymnastics Skill: Continuing on with our skill progressions from Thursday we will turn our attention towards muscle-ups for this new cycle. Specifically the first 4 weeks will be focused on bar muscle-ups or our kipping pull-up variations. After becoming a bar muscle-up god, weeks 5-8 will be biased towards ring muscle-ups and learning the dynamics of the rings compared to the bar. Progressions will be listed every Thursday for all skill levels to progress everyone towards a bar or ring muscle-up. Thursdays will be the perfect day for working solely on your kipping mechanics and guiding you towards a kipping pull-up or muscle-up. Even if you have your muscle-up we encourage you to come to our Thursday classes to refine your technique and challenge yourself with different muscle-up complexes every week.

WOD: Muscle-ups will also be included in the WODs every other week to challenge that skill in a different stimulus. Again, if don’t have muscle-ups use the progression you worked on earlier in the skill and apply it to the workout. On the opposing weeks expect to see a midline biased workout, whether that be T2B or holding an L-sit (*Hint*Hint).

AP: Conditioning (AB + Rowing)

Barbell Class – 6:45 PM


Strength Skill: Squatting on Fridays will be slightly different than compared to previous weeks where we will work in an extra posterior strengthening exercise to supplement our development with the front squat. Those movements will be romanian deadlifts and reverse back rack lunges. Great tool for building raw leg strength and also strengthening the lower back to support larger loads in the front squat. Fridays you don’t want to miss (Never skip leg day bro) as it will be essential in building strength and learning proper squatting mechanics.

WOD: Intervals, lots of them. These types of workouts will test your ability to recover and continue to output the same consistency of intensity for a given number of rounds. The beauty of these workouts is that after finishing a given interval there will be a rest. Perfect time to activate your rest muscles! All in all, Fridays WODs will be fun and ensure you to be left in a puddle of sweat.

AP: Sagittal plane midline strengthening









Class: On a Saturday with the infamous Drill Sergeant Nik, you can expect to sweat.  A good vibe day at the box that could involve a long challenging WOD!  It’s a great combination of hard work and fun that will surely help you go into the weekend and enjoy that cheat meal you deserve!

Competitors Class: The atmosphere in this class is one of its best features and this class is a very easy way to find motivation! During this class expect to see both olympic lifts and a workout or two in a 90 minute time frame. This class is perfect for taking your training to the next level by surrounding yourself with competitors of various skill levels. With that said, being a “competitive exerciser” requires experience . Make classes a priority! Learn the basics first and master them through classes, and then use the competitor’s class to help fine tune your lifts and skills.


WOD & Skill: Sunday partner workouts are a great way to wrap up your training for the week. The workouts are fun and are always tied in with a twist to constantly keep you sweating! Start your Sunday morning off right with a workout to keep you active and energized throughout the rest of day.

There will be a slight changes to the routine for Sundays programming. First off we will take the beginning of the class to work on some simple skills. These skills include learning double-unders and proper rowing mechanics. Lots to learn if you even have double-unders or are an experienced rower. Finally, expect to see alternating WOD styles between individual and partner WODs during this cycle.

AP: Conditioning/Strongman/Skill…

Barbell Class – 9:30 AM

Overall Notes: Overall, our program is designed to be varied to keep your body guessing. Just because it is varied, doesn’t mean we can’t routinely plan some aspects to specifically improve on certain skills with a structured process. With that being said we push for growth and development and so if you have a glaring weakness, work on it… consistently! Weaknesses are simply opportunities for growth and becoming a better/fitter version of yourself. Consistency is key and so come to the Tuesdays classes if you know your upper body needs strengthening or come to the Friday classes if you’re looking to improve your squat strength. To help organise and structure your game plan to reach your goals, you should all TRACK RESULTS, WORKOUTS, and YOUR NUMBERS in a journal if you want to maximise the time you spend at the gym.


Coach Yash

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