Programming Notes Summer 2017

A Look Into Your Week

Hello CFW Community!

Below you will find the programming notes for the daily workouts over the next 6 weeks. We will be giving all of you an idea of what specific skills we will be working on in the next few months. We want all of you to understand the purpose of the day’s programming to help you mentally prepare yourself before you even get to our gym. We also hope it will help you set your goals for the current skill/strength cycle to kick off the summer.


For example:  If we’re working on pull ups on Wednesdays and you still cannot do one, it would be a great goal to come to this day consistently  (no matter what that days excuse may be… and believe me we have heard them all).  Once you commit to this process, you will be ready to focus all of your energy on the pull ups that day.  By doing that, you will build on your personal progression from the previous week (maybe reduce the band thickness you are scaling with, or even better move to a higher bar on your jumping pull ups) and eventually be able to do an unassisted Pull Up!


So about those programming notes…


Oh Monday.  Not Squat day anymore?  Or is it?!  We will be using everyone’s favorite day of the week to get your motor and your motor skills running.  In the Skill portion of the day we will be focusing on the Clean.  We will improve your technique by progressing through the movement’s different positions as the weeks go on.  The Monday WOD will be the opposite of going to the gym and skipping cardio and leg day… enjoy!

Tuesday’s WOD… or WODs will be testing your body’s capacity over a longer time domain.  Does this mean longer WODs?  Two WODs?  Buy Ins?  Yes, yes it does.  PS- you can also expect a BarBell!

White Board Wednesday’s we will encourage everyone to get their results on the White Board with their WOD times/reps.  Expect some Benchmarks from the CF Girls, Heroes, Open WODs, etc.  As most of you guys know, at CFW we preach that your main focus while training should be on your movement mechanics (not your “score”).  Sometimes when we speed up or overload our bars for a faster time or bigger number on the board, the mechanics start to slip… not cool.  For this reason, we don’t typically stress writing your scores down on the White Board on a day to day basis… we do however want your results posted in your own journals for your own reference, accountability, and growth.  Having said that… sometimes ‘we just wanna go fast’ (and/or heavy).  It’s fun, pushes us to a new level, and tests us in different and great ways when done properly. This is why Wednesdays WOD’s are here… to get that aspect out of your system.  If you want a “compete” day… this is it.  The Skill on a WBW will be based on improving efficiency in one of the movements in the WOD that day.

Don’t Skip Thursday’s if you need work on those Kips… or summer abs.  The focus of this day will be on your Gymnastics.  Kipping and Core Strength will be a focal point in the Skill portion and in the WOD.  We will progress these skills week to week and watch you all improve!

Finally Friday’s… because we finally get to Squat a Barbell!  We hope all of you understand the importance of squat day by now. If you want to build strength, lose fat, and generally win at life, you cannot avoid these days.  Once them legs are all warmed up… expect some explosive hip work in the WODs.

On a Saturday with infamous Drill Sargent Nik, you can expect to sweat.  A good vibe day at the box that could involve a long challenging WOD!  It’s a great combination of hard work and fun that will surely help you go into the weekend and enjoy that adult beverage you earned!

Sunday Funday!  Partners will be made… and broken… mu-ha-ha!  But seriously, partner WOD’s are super fun and are a great opportunity to build on our already sweet community atmosphere.  Nothing brings friends closer together then sharing a sweaty high five, or a sweaty piece of equipment, or a sweaty… well let’s stop there.

If you have any questions at all about any of this please talk to one our coaches and we would be happy to help!

Happy WODing!

Coach Chris V

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