Beach abs!

1) Midline/Skill
E3MOM 12 (4 Rounds total)
5 Strict Leg Raises + 5 T2B
Accumulate a 45-60 sec Plank Hold

*Leg Raises: Hanging from the pull-up bar, start with a hollow body position and raise your legs just above your hip height. Goal is to keep your legs straight throughout the set of 5.
*T2B: If you are still working towards a T2B work on kipping knee raises/leg raises. If you are proficient with your T2B work on keeping your legs straight instead of kicking or bending your legs at the top of the T2B.

2) AMRAP 12
Wallballs (11/10 ft)
Ring Dips

Knee Raises / V-sits / Jack Knives
Wallballs (10/9 ft)
HR Pushups

3) AP:
Accumulate a 90 sec L-sit Hold (Parallettes)

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