Time to Move out of Northfield


As we are starting the 3rd month of this transition period. It brings a closure to our Northfield location. Many changes have been done already at our Northfield location in preparation of the Dancing studio that will be in place. We have all of the equipment that was remaining out and in our hallway of Parkside location. We want to keep the momentum going to allow for the further/future changes in our new location that we have planned to happen in the upcoming months. With all the equipment now over we will take this chance to sell off equipment that is no longer needed with the new layout. Before we sell off to the public we wanted to post a list of all the equipment that we will be getting rid of to allow our members. Most of the equipment will be selling off for 50-70% of price that was paid by CFW. Here is a full list of the equipment that will be sold and as well the paid price/suggested selling price. All items will be sold on a first come bases. As for the flooring; it will be sold with volume priority. We do have various types of flooring to be sold off and it will be great for anyone that has a garage or home gym.


Qty     Item                                                                                          Purchased @                   Selling Price
5          York Squat Racks                                                                           $215.00                             $150-200
1          Rogue Rig Monster Lite – 14                                                     $1,500.00                           $1,100.00
2          Rogue P4 Double Pull-up Bar Rack (3 Mounts + 9ft bar)    $300.00                                 $250.00
18        1″ Yoga/Tatammi Mats                                                                 $160.00                                $100.00
X         Puzzle Piece Flooring (Buff Blue/Grey)                                        $15.50                                $12.00
X         3/8″ Regupol Aktiv Flooring per sq/ft (Blue Streak)                  $2.50                                     $2.00
X         1″ Underlaying Flooring per sq/ft                                                    $1.25                                  $1.00
3          Crash Pads Sets                                                                             $300.00                              $300.00
4          Speakers                                                                                             $75.00                               $35.00
1           Pioneer VSX-820 Reciever                                                          $245.00                              $100.00

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