Another Benchmark

1) Skill/Strength:

Power Snatch
E2MOM 10
Level 1: 3 Hi/Hang Power Snatch
Level 2: 2 Hang Power Snatch + 1 Power Snatch

*Choose either progression based on your skill/experience level with the snatch. Focus on bar path and positioning during each set. If you are working on level 2 slowly ascend from the shins to the hang position while performing the power snatch. Implement this into your complex if you are working on improving your snatch positioning from the floor. Keep the weights light-medium, avoid building to a 3 RM.

2) WOD (15 min)
75 Power Snatches (75/55)
If you are still working on your snatches, continue to work from the hi/hang position for the workout. 

3) AP:
3 Rounds
20 Glute Ham Raises (On the GHD)
45 sec Hollow Hold
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