Handstands and Deadlifts

1) AMRAP 20

12 Deadlifts (225/155)
6 Bar Muscle-ups
50 ft HS Walk

*Choose a weight where you can keep at least 4 reps UB. Deadlifts can be performed touch and go only if you are maintaining form. If you are still working on your deadlift, continue to pause at the bottom to reset for each rep.

Bar Muscle-up Progressions:
12 reps of:
a) C2B Pull-up
b) Chin Over Bar Pull-up
c) Jumping Pull-up
d) Supine Pull-up
*Choose a progression where your only breaking up your pull-ups into no more than 3 sets.

Handstand Walk Progressions:
a) 25 ft HS Walk
b) 4 Wall Climbs
c) 30 sec HS Hold (Against the wall)
d) 30 sec Plank Hold (Top of Pushup)

2) AP:
Accumulate 30 HSPUs
a) Box HSPU Progression
b) Kipping HSPUs
c) Strict HSPUs
d) Deficit Kipping/Strict HSPUs
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