1) WOD (25 MIN)

5 Rounds
0-1 min: 5 Deadlifts
1-2 min: 50 Double-Unders or 100 Single Skips
3-4 min: ME Ring Muscle-ups
4-5 min: 50 Double-Unders
Guidelines: The main focus of todays workout are the deadlifts during the first minute. Stop at the bottom of each rep and pause for at least 1 sec to reset for the next rep. Increase in weight if your maintaining good form.
Muscle-up Scaling Options:
A) Kipping/Butterfly C2B
B) Kipping/Butterfly Pull-ups
C) Jumping Pull-ups
D) Supine Pull-ups

2) AP:
ME UB Distance HS Walk
Scaling Options: 20 HS Shoulder Taps (Wall or Box)
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