Full Halting Deadlifts

1) WOD (25 min)

E5MOM 25

3 Halting Deadlifts (Pause at the knee for 2 sec then complete the full deadlift)
14 Ring Dips
21 Bar Over Burpees

Guidelines: Stop at the bottom of the deadlift and reset (Avoid touch and go reps). Continne to work on positioning during the initial pull of the deadlift. Add weight from last weeks sets only if your maintaining good form and control during the complex. For the ring dips increase your progression from April 19th. Add weight and perform weighted ring dips or choose a more challenging progression.

2) AP:
10 min of practice:
a. Free Standing HSPU
b. Free Standing HS Hold
c. HS Walk
*Choose one and work on the skill for 10 min
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