Get up!

Box Squat (Sumo Stance)
*Focus on keeping a slow descent (4-5 sec) in order to active your inner hamstrings & aductors. Add weight and compare to last week. Avoid building to a 5 RM.
3 Rounds
1st min – ME RS Turkish Getups (20/12) (40/25)
2nd min – ME Cal AB or Row
3rd min – ME LS Turkish Getups
4th min – ME Burpees
*Aim to get at least 3-4 reps of Turkish Get-ups per minute / per side. Keep the weight light and focus on technique. Your total score is the total number of reps completed after the 3 rounds.  Must use AB at least one round. 
Trap Smash (w/ lacrosse ball) 60+60 sec per side
Banded Lat Stretch 60+60 sec per side
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